December 3, 2019, by Lisa Chin

Managing Complaints

A talk on handling complaints

The sixth and final instalment of our Supervisory Research Seminar Series this year was held on Wednesday 27 November 2019. This session featured a talk on how to handle complaints from students in accordance to the Student Complaint Procedure of the University.

Delivered by Dr Sue-Mian Then, the session was targeted at research supervisors and staff involved in research supervision of masters and doctoral students. Dr Then is an Associate Professor at the Department of Biomedical Sciences and has extensive experience in supervising postgraduate students.

A better understanding of the process 

The aim of the session was to give a better understanding of the process in appropriately handling student complaints in line with Student Complains Policy of the University. The session, in particular, delved into the topics of managing and handling Level 1 complaint as well as communicating outcome of the investigation of the complaint to student.

To be continued…

The supervisory research seminar series will continue on next year. Stay tuned for more information!

What is it about?

The series is aimed at all active research supervisors, especially early career researchers who are new to research supervision at University of Nottingham Malaysia. The landscape of research supervision is constantly shifting; from changes in policy through to new and different models of doctorate, the expectations of funding bodies to the expectations and capabilities of research students. Navigating these differences and knowing the best thing to do for all concerned is not always straightforward, even for experienced supervisors. The sessions cover topics that have been highlighted by supervisors as areas where they would like more advice and practice-sharing opportunities. These sessions aim to support a culture of the discussion of research supervision purpose and practice across the University and inform staff on a wide range of supervision topics.

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