September 10, 2021, by Lisa Chin

Winners announced in our Postgraduate Showcase 2021

A poster presentation competition

We are proud of the impact of our world-class postgraduate research and we enjoy gathering together some of our most engaging researchers to showcase their work to a wider audience.

Presenting research poster & piquing the interest of a wider audience 

Our annual Postgraduate Showcase is a great opportunity for our postgraduate researchers to share and highlight the importance and impact of their research work to a general audience.

This year, the competition went virtual in view of the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. Despite the unconventional circumstances, 13 of our postgraduate researchers competed in a virtual setting on Wednesday 8 September 2021.

A panel of judges decided the winner and runner ups. The judges were drawn from academic and professional services, comprised of: Dr Anita Chakrabarty, Associate Professor at the Nottingham University Business School (NUBS) and Director of MBA programmes; Dr Eunice Ngai, Associate Professor at the School of Biosciences; Ms Alicia Ch’ng, Head of Careers Advisory Service (CAS); Ms Ng Siew Ling, Manager of Library Services; and Mr Muhammad Zainal Abidin Zainun, Executive at the Teaching & Learning (T&L).


We are pleased to announce that Tee Wan Ting from the Department of Chemical & Environmental Engineering is the 2021 Winner of our Postgraduate Showcase.

Wan Ting won with her poster presentation titled 3D NANO-Graphene for Purification of Pharmaceutical Wastewater, which highlighted an alarming issue of water pollution with high toxicity concentration in our natural water sources resulted from pharmaceutical waste. She explained her research on developing a wastewater purification method using 3D nano-graphene absorption technique. In her poster, Wan Ting exemplified the method with an illustration of a water purifier where she envisioned her research brings transformative solution for effective treatment on pharmaceutical wastewater.

1st Runner Up

The 1st Runner Up is Azrina Ely Ahmad Azhari from the School of Pharmacy for her poster presentation titled Health literacy and diabetes self-care: Pharmacists’ Perspectives.

With an emphasis that people who understand health information correctly can make informed decision about their disease outcomes, Azrina described her research on exploring pharmacists’ experiences and perceptions on disease knowledge and management to empower self-care behaviours among diabetes patients in preventing or delaying disease progression. She envisioned her research offers effective approaches when communicating with patients with different levels of health literacy for better health outcomes and self-care management.

2nd Runner Up

The 2nd Runner Up is Stella Matthews from the School of Biosciences for her poster presentation titled Botanical and Microbial Bio-stimulant for Seed treatment: Breakthrough in Chili Production.

In her presentation, Stella explained her research on bio-stimulant which consists of microorganisms and plant extract that can enhance soil fertility and plant growth for an increase in crop productivity. She further described her work using Moringa leaves extract and endophytic Actinomycetes from Moringa roots as an effective bio-stimulant for chili plantation. She envisioned her research provides a new frontier for an environmentally-friendly, organic bio-stimulant for an improved crop production.

Congratulatory message 

We would like to once again congratulate the winner and runner ups on their achievement and applaud all the contestants for their commendable effort. This competition gave us an exciting glimpse of innovative and transformative research undertaken at the University. It was a privilege for us at the Graduate School to showcase the visionary research of our postgraduate researchers.

In his congratulatory message, Dr Tissa Chandesa, Research Training Development Manager and Interim Head of the Graduate School gave commendation to the great support by the contestants, judges, and audience in making this year’s event so successful. He further congratulated the enormous success of every contestant as they creatively designed infographic posters as well as fearlessly faced their fear of presenting and came out victorious.

After being absent for two years, it was really great to bear witness to the return of our Postgraduate Showcase competition this year. Unlike previous version, this year’s edition was presented in a new and unique manner, thanks to the creativity and innovation nature of the UNM Graduate School family. Building on the success of the 2021 3MT® competition, this year’s Postgraduate Showcase competition was carried out for the first time virtually via Microsoft Teams. Similar to 3MT®, the showcase competition opened its “virtual” door to the involvement of a live audience. I was very pleased and proud to see so many people tuned in to watch this year’s competition – further validating the importance of such competition to the continuous researcher development of our postgraduate community. Over the duration of 3.5 hours, all who were present bear witness to a great line-up of highly effective communicators who presented their beautifully designed posters and addressed the questions from judges to the best of their abilities. It is a tremendous testament to the high quality of our postgraduate community at UNM. On behalf of the organising committee, thank you so much to the judging panel and audience for your continuous support – truly and greatly appreciated! Finally, to the Postgraduate Showcase class of 2021 – congratulations and well done – all of you are true CHAMPIONS!” – Dr Chandesa

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