April 24, 2018, by Lee Mei Kee

“I can see”

Students from Selayang Harmony, Sunway Mentari and Manna House Learning Centres participated in the Science Day at The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus on the 1st of February 2018. Whilst they were occupied with many different science-based laboratory and learning activities, they had their visual acuity checked by a qualified optician. Almost half of the students were found to be in need of spectacles.

The distribution of these glasses took place on the 29th March at Manna House Learning Centre. A total of 23 pairs of glasses were made and fitted for the affected students. These glasses were donated by Adeline Ting, Priyanka Jagadish, Jagadish Pillai, Sudha Menon, May Lim, Daniel and Trinity Spowage.

A student from Selayang Learning Centre choosing his choice of frame after the eye check that took place at The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus.

Below are some comments from the students after receiving their glasses:

Cecilia from Manna House said “The glasses help me to see the letters on the whiteboard

Baby Lun from Sunway Mentari commented “I can see very well with the glasses

Umiramah from Selayang Harmony said, “I’m happy to get the glasses because I can see very clearly. I can copy notes very fast and I can do my homework properly. Thank you for the glasses and nice to meet you all!”

Ms Angelina Tay who is the academic coordinator for Manna House commented that she was surprised at the number of kids who needed corrective glasses. She had only identified one or two students who always squinted at the white board. She added, “I am really thankful for the sponsorship for these glasses because I think that their compromised vision had hindered some of the students’ ability to understand some of the lessons because they were not able to see the board very clearly. When they are copying notes from the board they may have copied the wrong information but I never knew it was because of their eye sight! Now with the glasses I hope that things will be different and that they are able to follow the lesson better and pay more attention in class. With better vision, Maths and language lessons will be easier for them.”

Students from Manna House and Sunway Mentari Learning Centres wearing their new glasses after they have been fitted by optician, Paul Tan from New Mega Optic.

Prof Ting Kang Nee who organised this event expressed her gratitude to all the generous donors. She added “Ability to see clearly has such a big impact on our overall mental and emotional state. We hope by removing one of their challenges in life, i.e. correcting their poor vision, these students will be more motivated to learn.”


Article by: Prof. Ting Kang Nee (BMS academic)

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