September 5, 2018, by Lee Mei Kee

4th Biomedical Science Postgraduate Research Symposium

Biomedical Science Postgraduate Research Symposium is an annual event organised by the Department of Biomedical Science. This year marked the 4th annual postgraduate symposium which was held on the 23rd July 2018 with a theme of ‘Shaping Life Science: From Innovation to Integration’. The symposium welcomed everyone from the Faculty of Science.

We had the honour to invite Professor Michael Randall from the UK campus and Professor Chow Sek Chuen from Monash University, to be the keynote speakers in this symposium. Another highlight of this event was the oral presentations delivered by 5 of our very own 3rd year Biomedical Science postgraduate students – Anusha, Rachel, Fei Kean, Kayatri and May Zie. It served as a platform for them to showcase their research findings and all of them have delivered high quality presentations.

Prof Ting presented a token of appreciation to Prof Michael Randall.


Prof Ting presented a token of appreciation to Prof Chow Sek Chuen.

Besides, we also had participants from the Faculty of Engineering, School of Pharmacy and Dept of Biomedical Science joined the poster competition. It was challenging for the participants to communicate their research findings to audience from other disciplines but at the same time, it gave them an opportunity to hone their interpersonal skills. It was a pleasure to have two of our keynote speakers, Prof Randall and Prof Chow, as well as Dr Fang to be the judges for the poster competition. Best poster was awarded to Mak Yin Ying, an MPhil student from Biomedical Science.

Yin Ying (right) received her Best Poster Award from Dr Yuh-Fen Pung (left).

Everyone had enjoyed this networking opportunities and learned something new from other researchers. We would like to thank the keynotes speakers, lecturers, postgraduate students and everyone who has come to this symposium for making it a success.

Group photo of BMS PGR symposium.

Article by: Mak Yin Ying (BMS MPhil student)

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