May 9, 2019, by Lee Mei Kee

Year 3 students’ visit to National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM)

A couple of weeks back, the Biomedical Sciences Year 3 students of the University of Nottingham, Malaysia got the chance to visit National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) in Ampang area. There, we were introduced to the Society and went for a tour around NCSM itself. We learned that they have a resource and wellness center, support groups, free-toll hotline for cancer patients and screening center. They also have a half way home for the young patients who are doing their treatment in HUKM. Not only that, they organize cancer awareness and fundraising events, as well as exhibitions to raise public awareness on cancer. What’s even more interesting is that they have been doing all this for 50+ years! What an amazing organization!

Briefing by the person in charge at the screening center.

Having nobody in my family or close friends suffering from cancer, I never knew how complicated and challenging cancer is. But because I had to deal with cancer patients and people who work closely with the patients and the survivors for my final year project, I came to understand how truly challenging it is. Because the struggle is not just to cope with the pain, symptoms and side effects of treatment. They also face other challenges, like financial burden, social isolation, psychological distresses, etc. Cancer affects every aspect of their lives. Acknowledging that, I gained a huge appreciation towards NGOs like NCSM who are working hard to make sure cancer patients are supported as much as possible. This kind of initiative is what we must support. How? You can register yourself as a volunteer at NCSM by visiting their website, or if you are too busy, the least that you can do is donate and spread the word around.  Support NSCM, and support cancer patients!

A group photo in front of NCSM.

Article by: Nabila Yahdiani Aliah  (BMS Year 3 student)

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