August 14, 2019, by Lee Mei Kee

Tropical Medicine and Beyond: Third World Network

I was thoroughly impressed with the summer programme students in my seminar session. Their enthusiasm and lively engagement in what was a completely new topic – the role of patents on medicines prices and on research and innovation – was much more than I had expected. They dove into the subject with confidence and curiosity, and happily went beyond the allocated 2 hours.

As we milled around afterwards many asked for more reading materials and some wanted to know how they can get involved in advocacy when they return to the UK. Bringing together students from different disciplines and offering them a diversity of thought provoking issues is truly commendable. Bravo Nottingham University and Dr. Aini Hamid!!

An insightful talk on the cancer treatment and financial toxicity in low and middle income settings by Ms Chee Yoke Ling.

Article by: Chee Yoke LingĀ (A guest speaker of Tropical Medicine and Beyond module. Her topic of lecture was “Cancer treatment and financial toxicity in low and middle income settings”)

Ms. Chee Yoke Ling

Ms. Chee Yoke Ling is a lawyer with degrees from the University of Malaya (Malaysia) and Cambridge University (UK). She is the Director of Programmes of Third World Network (TWN), a non-profit policy research organization which has its international secretariat in Malaysia. She has been very active in policy research and advocacy, from national to global level, focusing on trade, environment, health and general development issues from the perspective of developing countries since 1980s. She has published a number of articles on issues she works on, and is currently a lead author in the chapter on Sustainable Development and Equity of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group III on Mitigation.

(Adapted from lead journal and npra websites)



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