January 19, 2020, by Lee Mei Kee

Alumni testimonials

Here are some of the biomedical science graduates who have shared their thoughts about their time as a BMS undergraduate. Stay tuned for a part two!

Audrey Lim

My Undergrad experience…

If I had to describe my 3 years of Undergrad with only 1 word; it would be:

1st year: Adapting (adapting to report writing & references etc. etc.)

2nd year: Laboratory (Lots of lab work. A LOT)

3rd year: Independence (you manage your own time for your FYP)


Don’t get me wrong, I completely enjoyed the 3 years that I was here. The most challenging would be in 1st year (imo); I’ve had to break away from the typical spoon-feeding culture common in Malaysian’s public school environment. You’re basically forced to use your brain; to analyse and make sense of your experiments results. Also there was this crazy module (Molecular Basis in Medicine) that completely drained me ?.

What did I like about the course?

It’s really a challenge to survive the entirety of the course. But my coursemates were brilliant people who motivated and supported each other! All the late nights and freezing cold library sessions. Fun times. Our lecturers were all respectable and very knowledgeable. They were always willing to help. And I truly enjoyed biology; I would not have been able to finish the course otherwise.

Although I now work in a different field, a lot of skills that I now use in my employment are from my time as a biomedical science student. I attribute the skills that I’ve learned to my second and third years in the course. Here are some below:

– Critical thinking; mainly in Year 2 & Year 3. Since we’ve got to make sense of our (more often than not) weird experimental results and give proper explanation for it. It’s still the same in work, except more extreme, where you’ve also got to think of a solution under stressful situation, in front of your boss.

-Time management; You will learn this best when you have multiple reports submission (Year 2) or when you have all the FYP deadlines in your Year 3. Also from the time i had to juggle my workload while being a course rep and helping the lecturer. My current work life is filled with daily deadlines so how i manage my time in the office really makes a lot difference in what time i get to go back home.


Emily Wong

My name is Emily Wong, biomedical science graduate from the class of 2018. Going into biomedical science was such an experience. I learnt so much about myself, and also about the world around me. I gained a whole new level of appreciation for the way our bodies are designed and how it works. Skills learnt in biomedical science are also transferrable, and what this means is that I am not limited to careers in the healthcare field alone. While some modules are definitely favored over another, I would say I have no regrets, going into this course. Things will undoubtedly get rough sometimes, but remember that the experience after completing your degree will be well worth it.

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