July 15, 2020, by Lee Mei Kee

UNM BMS Alumni Testimonial: See Lei Shan (2018)

If you like Biology, especially human biology, and you would like to know how our body works, what happens when something goes wrong, Biomedical Science is definitely a good choice. And I am so glad that I had made this choice few years back. Passion is crucial. When the course itself is not easy and you have to deal with culture shock, the first semester in Year 1 was really tough. However, the lecturers were good and helpful. Besides, the “personal tutor” system was indeed excellent! Whenever you face personal or academic issues, you could always make appointment with the personal tutor to seek for help. This system helped to relieve the tension of students especially everything was unknown for them in Year 1, because they know someone is always there ready to help. So, special thanks to my personal tutor, Dr. Ho Wan Yong!

The modules that I liked the most back then were the four series of “Physiology and Pharmacology”, “Human Development and Tissue Differentiation”, and “Cancer Biology”. The feeling of accomplishment when you finally understand the complex processes that might happen, have been happening or had happened in your body was heavenly great! Although there were some modules that I personally was less interested in, the overall course structure and the knowledge as well as the skills delivered by the lecturers were indeed very useful and treasurable.

I am currently working as an embryologist, who performs in vitro fertilisation in the laboratory. This is a job that requires Biomedical Science or Biosciences background, but I would strongly recommend Biomedical Science if you are interested to become an embryologist. As a Biomedical Science graduate, I have the knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of human reproductive system, the related diseases as well as the physiology of embryo development, which render me a good basis. When I have to study some journals related to my field, I find it easier to understand particularly when dealing with those discussing as detailed into molecular levels. Practically, the skills that I gained in my final year project has also helped me in my career. I dealt with tissue culture in my final year project and hence I had learned how to handle live cells, sterile techniques and had some basic knowledge regarding culture media, which helped me a lot in my current job.

Article written by: See Lei Shan (BSc Biomedical Sciences Graduate of Year 2018)

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