January 12, 2021, by Lee Mei Kee

UNM Biomedical Sciences PhD Student Won ‘QIAGEN dPCR Learn & Earn Series’ 2020

Congratulations to Paulina Tan Pei Suu, PhD student from UNM Biomedical Sciences, for bagging RM10000 in ‘QIAGEN dPCR Learn & Earn Series’ 2020! Here is what she has to say about the award:

I first heard of digital PCR from the technical support team from Qiagen as a possible solution for gene expression or even validation of next-generation sequencing results. It’s advantage is that it can provide absolute quantification of the gene of interest, instead of relative quantification with conventional or the more “traditional” qPCR.

The ‘QIAGEN dPCR Learn & Earn Series’ hosted by Analisa Resources in November 2020 was a great platform for novice researchers, like myself, to learn and think of creative ways to apply this technology; then summarising it in a concise 100 word proposal for a chance of winning extra funding. I submitted an application that involved dPCR to analyse and profile the gene expression of liver cells to determine the mechanisms behind the anti-hyperglycaemic effects of agarwood tea as a possible alternative in treating diabetes. To my surprise, I was contacted as one of the five winners of this ‘Learn and Earn series’! This was a big confidence boost for myself to keep going, as postgraduate studies isn’t easy. I am grateful for my supervisor Dr Pung Yuh-Fen who has guided me constantly, even in this application, and to Analisa Resources for their generosity.

All the best to those who are carrying out research, especially in these difficult times, and stay safe!


Article written by Paulina Tan Pei Suu (BSc Biomedical Sciences Graduate of Year 2019). She is currently a PhD student under Dr Pung Yuh Fen from the Division of Biomedical Sciences.

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