June 29, 2021, by Lee Mei Kee

What Is It Like For A School Social Media Helper? – A Confession

Covid-19 has changed the way we use social media. During the pandemic where social contacts with others are limited, social media platform has become an important place for us to interact and stay connected for work, education and socialization. From March to May 2021, three Biomedical Sciences Year 1 students, Sherine Teo Hsun Yin, Elvina Luke Wan Yin and Chong Zhi Yee, were recruited as the Biomedical Sciences social media helpers to fill the school social media pages with good and young vibes. They have carried out a number of tasks under the supervision of the school social media representative, Dr Lee Mei Kee. Their responsibilities include:

  • Managing school social media pages by creating posts and keeping the social media pages active

  • Communicating with Faculty of Science and Engineering Digital Marketing Club head on what to post to repost

  • Communicating with task supervisor to brainstorm ideas for social media competition, event and general post.

The qualities sought after in the social media helpers are social media savvy, responsible, independent, timely, concise, ability to focus, emotional maturity as well as a sense of humor (bonus!).

The position opens from time to time. Grab every opportunity that comes your way. Make every effort to stay connected digitally during social distancing.

Read the testimonials of the social media helpers about their experience:


To: Dr Lee

“I applied for this position by chance given by my fellow course rep and also my friends, Sherine and Zhi Yee. I wanted to gain more experience with school-based tasks involving social media and hence I started working with two of my friends. I enjoyed thinking about ideas for posts and letting my creative sides being actively in use, and thanks to our teamwork, making everything much simpler and so there’s more time for us to focus on our academics. While making posts we also gained relevant knowledge relating to our field in which some are not taught in class but are quite interesting such as the rare disease series. We also get a lot of support from our supervisor Dr Lee and our lecturers for the research paper posts. The times I spent with them are enjoyable and memorable.”

– Elvina Luke, BMS Year 1

“I am very glad I accepted the offer for this position together with my fellow friends. We had a lot of fun times brainstorming on ideas for the Instagram posts and more importantly we connected more often amidst the pandemic and online lectures. I also got to learn about some interesting facts and studies while making posts on rare conditions, one which was about human chimeras! As social media are now embedded in the daily lives of most people, the experience in making these posts also helped me to improve my own social media pages to connect better with my friends online.”

– Sherine Teo, BMS Year 1

“Totally down for this experience again! Although it took us a few months of effort, in exchange we got to tighten bonds even more. Besides, it is actually fun and beneficial to us as we brainstorm ideas together as a team. If you are finding some task to pass time, this is definitely the best chance you can ever hold onto. Friendly supervisor, manageable workload and flexible working hours. What more could one ask for? Most importantly, the experience gained is invaluable.”

– Zhi Yee, BMS Year 1

From: Your fellow helpers

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