February 7, 2022, by Lee Mei Kee

Student Sharing: Study Abroad and Exchange Experience in the UK Campus

The global nature of The University of Nottingham provides a unique opportunity for students to experience life as a student at the UK campus as part of the inter-campus exchange programme. The Biomedical Sciences exchange programme students gave some insight into exchange student experience in the UK campus:


Chong Zhi Yee

What motivates you to apply for an exchange programme? Any tips for those who are planning to apply?

It’s always a dream for me to study abroad. The reason I chose to pursue my studies in Nottingham is because of the chance to exchange and transfer to the UK campus. So, it was actually one of my targets from the moment I joined foundation. The only advice I could give is to try to score well in your exams. As from what I acknowledged,the exchange program is highly competent with limited slots and good results will be prioritised.

What is the biggest difference between studying in the UK campus and Malaysia campus?

The UK campus is incredibly big. Other than that, it is pretty much the same as in Malaysia. So do not be discouraged if you can’t make it into the exchange program ?.

How much do you spend on living costs and travelling?

To save up money for travelling, I cook and do meal preparations most of the time. The average meal cost for dining in would be around 15 pounds whereas with 15 pounds you are able to survive for at least a week on groceries.

What is your best experience in the UK so far?

The best thing about being here in the UK is travelling. Stepping outside of your comfort zone actually introduces me to new cultures, food, people and much more. I had been travelling throughout the UK and had broadened my horizon. During my trip to Edinburgh, Scotland, I got to experience Scottish breakfast with black pudding (blood sausage) and haggis (pudding with sheep’s heart, liver and lungs). Knowing that I wouldn’t be travelling there again, made me try them out. If you want to know how it tastes like, try it for yourself ?.


Anissha A/P S Thayaparan

What are the benefits of being an exchange student?

So benefits of being an exchange student? There’s loads. First of all, I learnt a lot of new culture. I live with three lovely locals and they taught me so much about the British culture. Secondly, I realised how pampered I was back at home. Now that I have to do everything on my own in a different country, I became more independent. I started cooking (something I never did back at home) cause it’s cheaper to make food that buy outside. Personally, studying abroad has widened my horizon on what the world can offer. I was surprised to see the opportunities one can have if you go looking for it.

I would definitely recommend studying abroad to others because of the experience it offers. Truly amazing.


Teo Yi Xuan

Tell us a little about your daily life: How organized was your accommodation? Did you cook for yourselves or did you eat out? Was it hard for you to live on your own?

There isn’t much difference between my life here in the UK and back in Malaysia, except that I have to do everything on my own now, such as grocery shopping, cooking, doing the laundry, and cleaning. I have never lived so far away from home and for such a long time, so it is quite new and challenging for me, but thankfully, my flatmates help me out a lot. It has been only one semester, and I already feel at home. I cook most of the time, as eating out is quite expensive and it’s difficult to find Malaysian cuisine. I am not a person that likes to go shopping, but surprisingly, I love to shop for groceries when I am here, as it is kind of relaxing.

What would you recommend to those who hesitate to study abroad?

It must be difficult to step out of the first step and leave a familiar place, wandering into a new place, with a new environment and culture. However, we should always be adventurous, especially when we are still young! There’s nothing much to worry about, as long as your visas and accommodation are sorted out, it won’t be a big problem. I would suggest that you ask the seniors that have been to the UK what to bring, especially on attire and food. I would say that waterproof clothing and Maggi are a must to bring. Just keep calm and enjoy life here!


Finally, some pictures shared by Zhi Yee and Yi Xuan!

University of Nottingham Canadian geese

Mathematical Bridge, Cambridge

University Park Campus view in December

The view from Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

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