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December 15, 2023, by Communications

Cultivating Excellence: Highlights from the Senior Fellows Network Event

The inaugural Senior Fellows Network Forum, held at the University of Nottingham on November 10th, brought together distinguished educators from Malaysia and Singapore. Moderated by UNM’s Director of Nottingham Recognition Scheme, Ts. Jaya Kumar Karunagharan, the event served as a melting pot of insights, with speakers sharing wisdom and a shared commitment to advancing educational practices. Here’s a concise recap of the key messages and actionable takeaways for educators.

Beyond Senior Fellowship: A Global Beacon of Excellence

Daniel Sheratte, representing Advance HE, set the tone by delving into the profound benefits of Senior Fellowship. With an impressive global cohort of almost 20,000 Senior Fellows, Sheratte emphasised that Senior Fellowship extends beyond individual accomplishments. It activates a cultural shift in institutions, placing student learning at its core. Sheratte highlighted the transformative power of Senior Fellowship, likening the journey through Advance HE’s Fellowship scheme to climbing peaks of educational excellence. The scheme catalyses institutional change, fostering collaboration globally and facilitating career progression.


Daniel Sheratte - International Partnerships Manager, Advance HE

Daniel Sheratte – International Partnerships Manager, Advance HE


Nurturing Pedagogical Excellence at Curtin University

Dr. Samuel Adeyinka-Ojo shared Curtin University Malaysia’s commitment to teaching excellence, aligning seamlessly with the goals of Advance HE. Their initiative, “Growing Influence for Greater Impact on University Education,” places continuous improvement in teaching methods at its core. Adeyinka-Ojo emphasised the impact of Senior Fellowship on mentorship, assessment, and reflective practice. Curtin University’s dedication to quality assurance, mentorship, and community resonated with the essence of the Senior Fellows Network.

Dr. Samuel Adeyinka-Ojo – Head of Department of Management for Faculty of Business, Curtin University Malaysia


Celebrating Excellence with NTF 

Dr. Joanna Matthan introduced the National Teaching Fellowship (NTF) to celebrate its exceptional impact on student outcomes and the teaching profession. The NTF, bestowed by Advance HE, offers individual and institutional benefits, serving as a gateway to academic and career opportunities while fostering collaboration among teaching excellence advocates. Through the NTF, institutions can showcase their commitment to teaching excellence, creating a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration that transcends national boundaries. Matthan emphasised the demonstrable areas of excellence and outlined individual and institutional benefits. The NTF, with its wide recognition, not only opens doors for individuals but also elevates the status of teaching within institutions, fostering collaboration on a national and international scale.

Dr. Joanna Matthan – Dean of Academic Affairs & Director of Education, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia


Pioneering Impact – Navigating the NTF Journey

Dr Steven Hoo shared a personal journey of applying for the National Teaching Fellowship, providing a comprehensive guide emphasising the significance of impactful evidence and effective articulation in the application process. Hoo encouraged educators to be specific in showcasing impactful outcomes, emphasising the “What’s Next?” aspect. He urged applicants to focus on continuous record-keeping, specificity in outcomes, and the importance of showcasing uniqueness. He highlighted the importance of ongoing professional development and research in improving teaching. Hoo provided valuable insights into the application process, advising applicants to focus on impactful pieces of evidence, articulate their hard work, and maintain a continuous record of positive feedback.

Dr Steven Hoo Choon Lih – Programme Director of Studies for Mechanical Engineering, Heriot-Watt University Malaysia


The shared experiences and insights emphasised the transformative impact of celebrating achievements in higher education. As the educational landscape evolves, the wisdom from this forum guides educators in pushing the boundaries of excellence. “What a privilege to host outstanding colleagues to discuss opportunities to influence higher education institutions!” remarked Ts. Jaya Kumar Karunagharan.

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