November 11, 2013, by Sue Scarborough

Postgraduate Student Teachers Programme Semester One 2013-2014

I have just been looking at attendance and the waiting lists for workshops in the Postgraduate Students Teachers (PST) Programme for Semester One 2013-2014.  The PST Programme is made up of four workshops:

  • Demonstrating in laboratory practicals
  • Assessing and giving feedback
  • Small group teaching
  • Lecturing for learning

All courses were well attended and received. Several of you attended more than one workshop. (I know some of the workshops are compulsory for some of you and that this might be a ‘small’ factor in good turn out!)

Quite a few of you used the waiting list to let us know that you were not free to attend on the specific date. The longest waiting list were for ‘Demonstrating in laboratory practicals’ and ‘Assessing and giving feedback’. So, we have set up an extra session of both of these workshops and cleared their waiting lists.

If you want to attend one, or both, of these workshops please sign up in “Postgraduate Student Teachers (MY)” in Moodle.

The extra sessions are:

Demonstrating in laboratory practicals Tuesday 19 November  at 14:00-16:30 in Block B Room BA64.

Assessing and giving feedback Friday 29 2013 at 10:00-12:30 in Block B Room BA64.

I’ll keep an eye on the waiting lists for ‘Small group teaching’ and ‘Lecturing for learning’.  Whether we can respond to demand in Semester One or we cannot (if numbers are too low or we can’t find a date/room), we will be offering all four workshops in Semester Two (probably in February) and in Semester Three (probably either in July or September).

Image from the University of Nottingham Image Bank. Female postgraduate student in a human resources lecture, Malaysia Campus.

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