January 15, 2014, by Deepa Kumari Veerasingam

Working Trip to Highfield House, University of Nottingham – December 2013

I was given the privilege in December to visit the UK Campus and catch up with my other counter parts at the Graduate School in Highfield House. This was an amazing trip and the experience I gained in just these two weeks working and having catch up meetings with all the staff is something very valuable that I bring back to our Malaysia Campus Graduate School. The trip was not only about work but about both  sides actually understanding the different working cultures and about sharing good practices across the campuses so the quality is maintained across the board. All staff had a wonderful time at the Christmas lunch and the secret Santa just before the university shut down for Christmas and the New Year.

Graduate School StaffChristmas Lunch Christmas Party  University Park

The highlight of the trip was the opportunity I had to be a part of the graduation team in the UK for the Winter graduation. This is a duty that I have been doing at the Malaysia Campus for the past 5 years since I have been around. I felt like no stranger when I did it and it was a privilege to actually see one of the PhD student’s that was in Malaysia for a year graduate with his PhD.  This moment was special for me because it felt like it was beyond borders and we are actually one big organisation and the only difference seems to be geographical.

Winter Graduation   Winter Graduation

The day my team put up the Christmas tree at the Malaysia campus was the day I helped my colleagues in the UK put up theirs.

Chrismas Tree  Christmas Tree UNMC

Postgraduates look out for some amazing things coming up soon from activities to greater support and best practices across campuses to enhance your postgraduate student experience in this new year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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