February 24, 2014, by Sue Scarborough

Researcher Boot Camp

What do PhD students need to help them get started on their research degrees?

During the week of February 10-14 Chris, Tissa and Sue delivered an intensive programme of courses to help new postgraduates to get going with their PhDs. The courses offered were:

  • Nature of the PhD and the supervision process
  • Planning research and time management
  • How to be an effective researcher
  • Creative thinking
  • Getting into the habit of writing

In addition to the courses in the boot camp, the Graduate School Researcher Development Programme includes 37 other courses, designed to support people at different stages of their PhDs. The list of courses can be viewed in Moodle “UNMC Graduate School Researcher Development Programme (MY)” .

The Graduate School’s Researcher Development Programme was designed to support the early stages in the development of skills listed in the Vitae Researcher Development Framework.

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