March 4, 2014, by Deepa Kumari Veerasingam

How to be an Effective Researcher

To cater to the needs of the PhD students, a new training course ‘How to be an Effective Researcher’ was conducted on Wednesday, 12th February 2014. Having the aim of enhancing the effectiveness of research students by looking at many different aspects of the research degree process, students are expected to achieve the following outcomes,

  1. Ability to review and enhance research planning skills
  2. To develop effective working practices for the research environment
  3. To maximise impact within the research community
  4. To manage supervisory relationships


20140212_102401  Photo Feb 12, 11 22 18 AM

Photo Feb 12, 11 21 40 AM   Photo Feb 12, 11 22 03 AM

We are glad to share what the students who attended the course have to say,

“I now understand how to analyse every bit of information that I want and apply it into how I run my day to day research activities.”

“It is going to help me boost any opportunity and venture into research.”

“It helped to put things in context, reinforced things we knew and how to do networking.”

“I now understand the power of collaboration and importance of work-life balance.”

“I learned further about project management tools and improvement of interaction with people.”


We hope to improve our training courses in the future as well as bringing in new and interactive courses for our Postgraduate students.

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