March 27, 2018, by Lisa Chin

First Day at UNMC

This post is contributed by Saira Riaz, a postgraduate student from the School of Education, undertaking Masters in Educational Leadership and Management.  

I still remember my first day at UNMC. When the taxi stopped at the main gate and I got out, I saw the lush green landscape and my mouth opened wide. I kept on walking with my heavy suitcase and then suddenly I saw the white clock tower of Trent Building, bridge and lake. My mouth kept on widening and widening. The pathway leading to the Trent Building was just like the entrance to Jurassic Park. I felt like I stepped into a magical world.  Like a lost child, I was looking here and there, undecided about which path to take to enter the campus. Every step was full of joy and excitement while moving my neck left and right to capture the relishing beauty of nature around me. Suddenly I realized the weight of the suitcase was too heavy to drag a long distance. The feeling of ecstasy was swept away by the pain of the load I was carrying and then I started cursing myself for putting so many clothes inside. After a while, I stopped, took a deep breath and then moved. I gave myself several intervals. When I reached inside the Trent building, I was doomed to find it lonely at 8 o’clock in the morning. I had no strength to walk any further. I sat on the bench and started waiting. Suddenly I saw a woman cleaning the floor. A wave of happiness took hold of me, the woman appeared as an angel to me. I rushed to her and asked her about the registration office. She replied that I had to wait for one hour for the office to open. I sat on the bench and started waiting. I felt dizzy from jet lag and the hot weather while wondering how this one hour would be spent. Meanwhile I saw the students coming to the campus and it gave me some relief. I wanted to talk to the students but I hesitated as I was not in a presentable form with my unwashed face and wrinkled clothes. Then, I proceeded to the International office and was relieved to find some lovely welcoming young, multicultural staff. They were more welcoming than my expectations. After the official formalities were done, I was sent to the accommodation officer. The key to my room was like a key to the treasure house. So happily, I headed towards my hostel building at the far end of the campus which was like a never ending journey in the scorching heat. When I entered inside the hostel, I was again overwhelmed to see the green chain of Broga Hills facing my hostel. I went inside the room with a heavy heart and I found that it was a nice room with all the necessary furniture. When I pulled the curtains, I saw the hills through the window. I was too excited to see the green hills every morning from my bed.

Now I have completed my three months and I am finding every day to be beautiful, thrilling, adventurous and knowledge-building at every step. I experience new interactions and new discoveries like a package offered every day. All the cultures nicely blend into one family. So much peace, love and care in the air. Good generous people who offer free scrumptious food at many occasions. I think it would be hard to leave such a heavenly piece of land.

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