December 18, 2019, by Lisa Chin

See the world through different lenses

This post is contributed by Mak Yin Ying, runner up of the 2019 Images of Postgraduate Experience photography competition and 2nd year PhD student at the Department of Biomedical Sciences.  

A massive thanks to Graduate School for organising the competition and also to the esteemed judges for looking up to my humble entry and appreciated it. I did the shot with my smartphone along the road to Vintgar Gorge. It was a fine afternoon and I missed the bus from Lake Bled to Vintgar Gorge. I decided to take a slower pace by walking 4 km to the gorge. I adored the scenery in Bled before I stumbled upon this little creature on a plant. It captivated my eyes and I instantly paused and took a closer look at it. It was a slow moment of my life as I scrutinised every bit of this tiny creature. Rarely in my life did I enjoy a sight like this. Nowadays, photography has become a handy and easy-to-access hobby that everyone can pursue.

I, too, like to photograph almost everything as long as it catches me by surprise. Meanwhile, with participation in the photography competition, not only does it encourage people (including me) to see the world through different lenses, it also renders us the appreciation of lives around us. More often than not, we are usually over-focus at the results, the ‘endgame’ of something. And we do not savour the journey along which has led us to it. Having bury my head in research over the past couple of years, it taught me one of the best virtues in life, patience. I have learnt to do things  slowly ensuring every steps are accurate. If the results are not as expected, troubleshoot and go again. The art of photography requires the same. It teaches me how to slow down, persevere and look at things another way. We need good attention to details. If the first image does not look good, I will try from another angle. Who knows, a new perspective could emerge?

I am far from a great photographer with brilliant editing skills and theories to share. Nevertheless, for future contestants, it is time to snap away with your camera!

Runner Up

Yin Ying was announced as the runner up of the Images of Postgraduate Experience photography competition on Wednesday 4 December 2019.

Check out her winning entry below!

Little did the caterpillar know, its endgame is not forming a cocoon, but to spread its wings and brace the challenges in the air. As much as we anticipate the endgame, it will be the beginning of a new game, and that is the beauty of life.

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Featured image: Yin Ying (right) accepting the award from Deepa Kumari Veerasingam, Head of Graduate School.   

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