February 27, 2020, by Lisa Chin

A session on research supervision

This post is written by Dr Tissa Chandesa, Research Training Development Manager.

A rough guide to research supervision at UNM

The second edition of the workshop was conducted on 20 February 2020.

A session on research supervision

This session provided a broad overview of the main elements of research supervision with a particular focus to University of Nottingham requirements and best practices. This is in parallel with the aim of the University to provide a supportive and productive environment for our academic members of staff who are involved in research supervision. The session was interactive and it promoted discussions of good practices and experience sharing between the participants and convenors.

The three hour long session was divided into eight broad sections, whereby each section covered several sub-sections. The broad sections and sub-sections covered were as follows:

1. Welcome & introduction

  • Background and session content

  • Types of degree offered – MPhil, MRes & PhD

  • Graduate School training programmes

  • The importance of identifying training needs

2. Choosing the right research title for PhDs

  • Thinking of a PhD project and title

  • What makes a good student?

  • The importance of submission and completion rates

  • Timetable for postgraduate research degree and outputs

  • Enhancing research culture

3. Supervisor & student responsibility

  • Quality manual requirements

  • Lab training, health & safety requirements

  • Student feedback

4. Research ethics & integrity

  • The importance of practicing good research ethics & integrity

  • How to promote research integrity?

5. Maintaining momentum to ensure success

  • Completing the research degree – top tips

  • Training records and credit sign off – guidance for supervisors

  • Thesis pending – what is it?

  • The role of the internal assessor and PhD examiners

6. Supporting our students in difficulty

  • Postgraduate research student advisors

  • An overview of University support – Mental Health Service, University Counselling Service, Academic Support, Disability Support, Disability Liaison Officers

  • Suspension of study, extenuating circumstances, extension to register study

7. Setting up for success

  • Student induction and handbook

  • The first meeting

  • Supervisor meetings

  • Annual reviews – Years 1, 2 & 3

8. Support for supervisors

  • Supervisor Research Seminar Series workshops

  • Supervisor Doctoral Studies Moodle Intro

A session on research supervision

During the session, attendees were also informed that all upcoming topics within the Supervisory Research Seminar Series this year will be benchmarked against the UK Council for Graduate Education’s Good Supervisory Practice Framework. The mentioned framework is designed to set expectation for all supervisors, supporting them as they navigate through their roles as a doctoral supervisor, while giving them the confidence to undertake their vital role effectively. Criteria for good supervisory practice are as follows:

  1. Recruitment and selection

  2. Supervisory relationship with candidates

  3. Supervisory relationship with co-supervisors

  4. Supporting candidates’ research projects

  5. Encouraging candidates to write and giving appropriate feedback

  6. Keeping the research on track and monitoring progress

  7. Support candidates’ personal, professional and career development

  8. Supporting candidates’ through completion and final examination

  9. Supporting candidates’ to disseminate their research

  10. Reflecting upon and enhancing practice

We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank all the convenors for their valuable sharing of insights and experiences. We hope that the information and guidance shared in the session is useful to developing and maintaining the highest standards in research supervision at the University of Nottingham Malaysia.

Convenors: Professor Deborah Hall, Professor Sivakumar Manickam, Dr Seow Hsin Vonn, Dr Soma Mitra, Dr Melissa Yoong, Ir Dr Show Pau Loke, Dr Pung Yuh Fen, Mr Vasu Krishnan, Ms Yogeswary Arumugam and Ms Norhidayah Mohd Noor.

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