March 26, 2020, by Lisa Chin

A brief glimpse of students’ engagement on online learning

This post is written by Dr Revathy Sankaran, Research and Training Assistant Manager. 

Online learning

Moving forward to support postgraduate students in developing their research skills amidst the Restricted Movement Order (RMO) in Malaysia, we are currently offering online learning courses to replace our previously face-to-face courses.

Continuing from our first successful session that we conducted on Monday 23 March 2020, the number of students enrolling in subsequent online sessions are increasing. In comparison to the face-to-face version, online learning seems to bring in more students on board with the training sessions. On 25 March 2020, we had our second online teaching course entitled Structuring Your Thesis and we had 32 participants enrolled in the session.

In the session, we required students to participate in several activities that require them to work on given handouts and obtain their feedback as well as questions related to their research work. The course was conducted by interchanging regularly between PowerPoint (theoretical session) and Word document (practical/activity session).

Structuring Your Thesis, via MS Teams

Some positive feedback that we received during the session includes the willingness to open and share their opinions in the live chat platform that was running alongside the video conferencing. Some even shared their feelings and hidden talents that they discovered during RMO. We find that working or teaching online creates strong team bonds in amazingly short period of time. After all, many of our students grew up developing and navigating their social lives on screens and keyboards.

Some of the feedback that we obtained from the students revealed that online learning seems to be more interesting and interactive. However, some do prefer face-to-face interaction as it promotes better group discussion and eliminates internet and connection problem to/when accessing online learning.

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