September 26, 2023, by Lisa Chin

Postgrad power hour with coffee & cake

Coffee, Cake and Camaraderie ☕🍰🤝

In our ongoing commitment to cultivating a thriving postgraduate community, we recently hosted our third Coffee & Cake session of the year on Friday 22 September 2023. It provided a breather for our postgraduate students, allowing them to temporarily set aside their demanding schedules and enjoy some well-deserved leisure.

This session was far more than just coffee and cake; it provided a dynamic platform for our postgraduate students to forge meaningful connections with their peers and engage in open conversations with our dedicated Graduate School staff. These interactions fostered a strong sense of community and support, making the session not just about the free refreshments, but also building lasting connections within our vibrant postgraduate community.

In addition to extending a warm welcome to the postgraduate students and introducing our members of staff, Professor Maniam Kaliannan, Associate Dean of Graduate School, led an interactive ice-breaking session. In the spirit of camaraderie and community building, this session was more than just an introduction; it added an extra layer of engagement and fun where it was an excellent opportunity for our postgraduate students, especially those who recently joined the University, to connect, establish rapport, and become a part of our postgraduate community. It was about building bonds that go beyond a simple “hello.”

More than just a simple break

Our Coffee & Cake sessions have evolved from a mere break into a profound symbol of our commitment to nurturing a thriving postgraduate community. These gatherings embody the spirit of camaraderie, serving as a platform for forging connections and cultivating meaningful friendships among our postgraduate students.

As we move forward, our dedication to fostering an inclusive and vibrant postgraduate community remains steadfast. Join us in strengthening these bonds of camaraderie, where every sip of coffee and every bite of cake represents more than just refreshments; they symbolise the unity and unwavering support of our postgraduate community.

Mark your calendar

Get ready for a vibrant celebration! Our annual Deepavali Luncheon is scheduled for Friday 17 November 2023 at 12.30pm in H1B11. We welcome all our postgraduate students to join us in celebrating the joyous festival. Keep an eye out for more exciting updates. 🪔🎉

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