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Graduate School Newsletter, November 2023

Bulletin Issue 07/23 (51)

The needs of the postgraduate and early career researcher community are at the heart of what we do at the Graduate School.

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News and guidance

Unveiling the Tri-Campus 3MT® winner

In a riveting showdown of oratory brilliance and intellectual prowess, the University-wide Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) competition recently reached its thrilling finale. This tri-campus spectacle brought forth winners from across our three campuses competing for the top honours.

Diret Bitrus Tang’an, representing the UK campus, emerged as the overall winner with his compelling presentation, “Hope for the environment: Microwave heating”. His win secures him the honour of representing the entire University of Nottingham network at the prestigious global U21 3MT® competition. Here, winning presenters from U21 member universities will compete against one another where they will be judged by an international panel of industry and academic professionals. Don’t miss the chance to support Diret by voting for him in the People’s Choice competition, set to open on 27 November 2023.

‌While we celebrate Diret’s achievement, our accolades continue to shine. Our very own Masyitah binti Zulkipli, cliched the title of runner-up with her captivating presentation, “Malay Ghost Lime: Myth or Hope?”.

‌We extend our heartiest congratulations to all the winners from across our tri-campus network for their exceptional performances and their representation of the University. This tri-campus competition serves as a testament to the depth of postgraduate research excellence we nurture at the University. 

Events and activities

Research Supervisor Series 04/23: ‌The role of internal examiner

Tuesday 14 November 2023, 10am – 12nn, H1B13
*for postgraduate research supervisors

This session is designed to provide postgraduate research supervisors with comprehensive insights into the assessment of postgraduate research students at UNM. It covers the processes for annual progress reviews and viva assessments, and further delves into case studies involving unique or unusual scenarios, offering a platform for discussion and learning.

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Postgraduate Deepavali luncheon

Friday 17 November 2023, 12.30pm, H1B11
*for all postgraduate students

Calling all our postgraduate students! Join us for a delightful luncheon and festive get-together. This is an opportunity to mingle, celebrate, and connect with your fellow postgraduate students.

‌No registration required, but here’s a friendly tip: arriving early is your best bet. Our venue has limited capacity, and it is on first-come, first-served. So, secure your spot and join in the festive fun!

Postgraduate Research Colloquium: Getting thesis published – What, why & how?

Wednesday 29 November 2023, 9.30am – 4.30pm, H1B11
*for postgraduate research students

Are you eager to unravel the intricacies of publishing your thesis?‌‌ This colloquium is designed to demystify the process of getting your thesis published. Our lineup of expert speakers and interactive sessions offers valuable insights and practical guidance. Sessions include: 

*This session is part of the Researcher Development Programme (RDP) and contributes towards your credit hours

    • Overcoming the fear of writing and publishing by Dr Kasturi Muthoosamy 

    • Experience sharing by postgraduate researchers on what, why, and how they successfully published their research work as conference proceedings, book chapters, and articles in refereed journals

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Training and development 

Find out more about our training and development provision for postgraduate students.

Researcher Development Programme (RDP)

Introduction to ORIS for new postgraduates

    • Thursday 2 November 2023, 10am – 12nn, GD14

    • Explore the use of information sources in our library and develop the skill sets and knowledge in information searching.

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Understanding how to use Mendeley

    • Monday 6 November 2023, 10am – 12nn, GD14

    • Learn how to create, populate and use Mendeley, a bibliographical manager in organising literature review.

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Understanding how to use Endnote

    • Thursday 9 November 2023, 10am – 12nn, GD14

    • Learn how to create, populate and use Endnote, a bibliographical manager in organising literature review.

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Philosophy of science

    • Wednesday 15 November 2023, 10am – 12nn, H1B13

    • Engage in critical and independent reflection on the foundations, methods, and implications of science.

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Anatomy of a good journal paper

    • Thursday 16 November 2023, 2pm – 4.30pm, F4LG10

    • Explore the structure of the various components of a journal paper and gain insights into the necessary skills required to develop and write a good journal paper.

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Preparing for your annual review

    • Tuesday 21 November 2023, 10am – 12nn, H1B13

    • Find out the elements of the annual review process and explore the possible structures of an annual review report.

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Communicating your research: Dealing with media

    • Wednesday 22 November 2023, 10am – 12nn, H1B13

    • Delve into the significance of broader public engagement in the research process and learn how to elicit media interest in your work. 

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Editing academic writing

    • Tuesday 28 November 2023, 10am – 12nn, H1B13

    • Explore the different components and types of editing academic writing as well as some of the challenges commonly faced.

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Getting started with your postgraduate research journey 

Embarking on a research degree is an exciting yet challenging endeavour. At the Graduate School, we are committed to providing a supportive and enriching environment for all our postgraduate research students. Our recent induction provided a vital platform, fostering direct and meaningful conversations, and cultivating vibrant engagement within the postgraduate research community at UNM.

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Empowering your postgraduate research ambition

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