December 19, 2023, by Lisa Chin

Unlocking insights: A guide to thesis publication

Highlights from our Postgraduate Research Colloquium on Thesis Publication

In a quest to demystify the intricate process of thesis publication, our postgraduate research students gathered on 29 November 2023 for a dynamic colloquium centred around the theme of getting thesis published. This colloquium delved into the what, why and how of effective thesis publication, aiming to empower our postgraduate research students with the knowledge and confidence as they step into the complex world of academic publishing.

The colloquium, featuring expert speakers and interactive sessions, not only provided valuable insights and networking opportunities but also offered participants with practical strategies to navigate the intricate process of getting their theses published.

Unraveling the world of academic publishing

The renowned aphorism “publish or perish” underscores the significance of publishing in academia, marking a crucial step in the research life cycle. To shed light on the intricacies of this process, Professor Asgar Ali led the first session, offering profound insights into the art of publishing.

Overcoming the fear of writing and publishing

Dr Kasturi Muthoosamy spearheaded the second session, delivering invaluable insights on overcoming the challenges of writing and publishing. This session provided a roadmap for participants to navigate the often-daunting aspects of scholarly writing and publishing.

Learning from experience 

The colloquium also featured a session featuring success stories from our alumna, Dr Hal Mahera Ahmad, and our senior postgraduate research student, Booi Han Ni. They provided insightful details on the ‘what, why, and how’ of their journey, covering the successful publication of research works, including articles and book chapters.

Transforming thesis into published masterpiece

The day proved to be one of enlightenment, collaboration, and the key to unlocking the potential of research. The sessions offered not only valuable insights and practical guidance but also provided a unique opportunity for our postgraduate research students to connect with experts in the field.

A recurring theme throughout the colloquium urged participants not to let their theses gather dust but to view them as cornerstones of academic legacies with a lasting impact. With it, we hope to empower our postgraduate research students to embark on a transformative journey, turning their theses into published masterpieces.

This colloquium stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to supporting and guiding our postgraduate research students in their pursuit of scholarly excellence.

Special acknowledgments and heartfelt thanks to Professor Asgar Ali, Dr Kasturi Muthoosamy, Dr Hal Mahera Ahmad, and Booi Han Ni for their invaluable contributions. Their time, expertise, and insights greatly enriched the colloquium experience.

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