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FAQs: Summer Internship at the University of Nottingham UK

In this post, Nicole Koh tackles some questions students may have about the summer psychology internship programme at the University of Nottinghan UK


1. Do I need a VISA during this 3-month internship program in the UK?

No, you do not require a student’s VISA for this internship. With a Malaysian passport, you are entitled to 3 months of holiday VISA which you can utilise during your short summer stay in the UK. You should print out relevant internship documents to show immigration officers upon arrival.

2. How & where can I find accommodation for the short duration of my internship?

As most student accommodations in the UK operate on an annual contract basis, I would recommend acquiring a room through subletting listings on student groups. Below are several links to FB groups where you can browse through the available listings during the summer break:

University of Nottingham Student’s Help Page (lots of summer sublistings here)
University of Nottingham Flatmate Finder
Second-Hand Items Nottingham (sublistings may be posted here as well)

Usually, students will state the remaining duration of their contract on their listing, along with the weekly rent rate, contact details, room condition and location. Rooms are typically listed in Beeston (local housing area near the campus) or the Nottingham City Centre (near the high street, main train station, and supermarkets). Some students would be open to negotiating for rent rates, so do keep that in mind before finalising a room. You can send a direct message to the lister for further enquiries about the room and payment process.

Beeston is about a 5-10 mins walk to campus, while Nottingham city centre is about 20 mins away by local tram. Beeston is a great option for those who prioritise close accessibility to campus and more affordable room options; while rooms located in the Nottingham City Centre are great for those would prioritise accessibility to supermarkets, local shops, and the main railway station that easily connects for trips to London or Manchester. From personal experience, I stayed in an accommodation near the city centre and had travelled to school easily via the local tram. Additionally, the city centre had a greater variety of local shops, pharmacies, and cafes to buy daily necessities, all within walking distance, making it an attractive option despite rooms being slightly more expensive than Beeston.

3. How do I claim for the scholarship and stipend allowance provided?

Your flight ticket will be automatically deducted from the allocated amount once you have finalised your confirmation for the internship. The remaining amount can be claimed for rent accommodation only after you have completed your internship via rent receipts and contracts.

Thus, you would only claim for stipend before or during the early stages of your internship. You would need to file a request to the Finance Office and attach any necessary documents detailing your internship and stipend claims from the school. This is done through the official FOSE Payment Portal linked here. You may request the charge code from the Head of Psychology Faculty via email. It may take several weeks to a month to approve so ensure you have sufficient living allowance for the first month or so in the UK.

4. Is there anything I should do upon arrival on Campus?

I would recommend requesting an email associate account and associate ID to access facilities such as the Eduroam WiFi, libraries, and common buildings around the UK campus. Your Malaysian student card will not grant you any access to these facilities; thus, it is crucial to request for these privileges early on in your internship to ease your working experience. You may consult with your UK supervisor for further information on how to proceed with requesting for an associate ID and email account.

Do explore the campus area during your free time as it consists of several parks (notably the Highlands Field Park and Wollaton Park nearby), libraries for each faculty, and cafes to study at for a change in scenery. The UK Nottingham Merch Shop, located at the Portland Building (where the cafeteria is located as well) sells exclusive merchandise such as seasonal hoodies and lanyard designs unavailable in the local Malaysian campus, so do take a look if you are looking for potential souvenirs during your trip.

Furthermore, the School of Psychology has a dedicated social room which frequently hosts networking events among faculty staff members, undergraduate and postgraduate students. Do take advantage of these events to network with postgraduate students and ask them about their thesis and PHD experience (they are more than happy to share about their PHD!)

5. Anything else I should know during my stay in Nottingham?

Your Malaysian Student ID will not be recognised for student discounts around local shops in the UK. I would recommend signing up for student apps such as Unidays or Student Beans which allows you to register your local student information and will grant you student privileges whenever you present your profile ID at checkout counters.

Additionally, It may be a good opportunity to reconnect with any acquaintances, friends, or relatives who are currently residing in Nottingham or nearby states in the UK. Do reach out to classmates who have undergone the UK 1-year exchange program as they may provide the most relevant source of information and emotional support during your time in the UK.

Railway train tickets may fluctuate drastically in prices depending on the date of purchase, train company, trip duration, and time of departure. Thus, it is highly recommended that you book train tickets in advance during off-peak times to get the best deals for your trip. Be sure to check whether your departure dates clashes with train strikes/protests which occurs on a regular monthly basis.

Alternatively, you may catch the National Express Coaches which offer cheaper rates for interstate travel and trips to nearby European cities (e.g., Paris, Amsterdam). Finally, many events, concerts, and activities will be hosted during the Summer season in the UK. Do keep an eye for exclusive theatre performances at the Royal Concert Hall (Nottingham) or the London Theatre Direct (London), music concerts, farmers markets, fun fairs, museum workshops, the Pride Parade, and other relevant local events.

I hope the following information may be helpful for anyone interested in the UK Summer Internship Program. My internship experience as a research assistant in the UK campus was both an academically and personally enriching time for me. If you have any further enquires, feel free to send an email to hpynk3@nottingham.edu.my.

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