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The Collar Project

The Collar Project is a CSR project organised for the Second Chance of Animal Shelter at Hulu Hangat, Selangor, on 10 November 2019. It was organised by UNM IChemE Student Chapter and supported by Student Association and Faculty of Science and Engineering.

As the number of stray dogs keeps increasing over the years, improving animal protection awareness plays an important role. This event thus aimed to help the animal shelter in terms of donations and services. All profit earned from a preceding fund-raising event was used to buy the items needed for that day, including cleaning material, ten packs of rice, three packets of puppy kibbles and two packets of adult dog food, with the remaining RM 200 donated to the animal shelter.

A total of nine participants joined the event. At 10.25 am on 10 November, before we started cleaning, the workers gave us a safety briefing. During the event, we cleaned the kennels and dog bowls, and we also fed the dogs. Face masks and gloves were given to all participants to reduce contamination. We also played with the dogs during the event. The event was a success as we managed to improve the living conditions for the dogs.

Figure 1 UNM participants cleaning the animal shelter.

Figure 2: Participants preparing dog food for the dogs.

Figure 3: All participants enjoyed the feeding session.

Figure 4: Group photos and items donated.

Figure 5: Money donation to Second Chance of Animal Shelter. (Left: Kho Wan You, Representative of IChemE student chapter; right: Mr. Painan, representative of the Second Chance of Animal Shelter).

Written by: Kho Wan You, UNM IChemE Student Chapter

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