September 30, 2019, by Lee Mei Kee

BMS Reigning All Prizes Once Again for Science Category in FOSE PGR Showcase 2019

On the 25th Sept 2019, the Faculty of Science and Engineering postgraduate showcase (FOSE PGR Showcase) was held in the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. This event was the first joint PGR Showcase held since the merging of Faculty of Science and Engineering in 2019. There were two category of competition held namely; Poster and 1-Minute Rapid Fire Presentation Competition. The prizes for poster competition were given separately for Engineering and Science students, but the 1-Minute Rapid Fire Competition prizes were equally competed by students from both fields. The poster competition was participated by 29 postgraduate students while 1-Min Rapid Fire Competition was participated by 12.

There were 4 postgraduate students from the Division of Biomedical Sciences who took part in this competition. The PGR Showcase offers opportunity for postgraduate students not only to share and communicate their research findings effectively to the wider community but also to broaden their network for future collaborations as well as a platform to challenge themselves for achievements outside of the laboratory. Besides that, the PGR Showcase offers a stage for postgraduate students to practice and enhance self-confidence in communicating their research.

For the poster competition, each participant was evaluated by two different judges. The judging process took two and half hours. Judges from other fields were invited to judge the posters, challenging the participants’ communication skills and creative thinking to convey their research findings, future work and the objective attained, which could be easily understood by people from other fields. As for the 1-Minute Rapid Fire competition, 5 judges were invited including Professor Andy Chan, Dean of Faculty of Science and Engineering, to evaluate the competition which took place on stage in Great Hall, for 1 hour.

Participants were challenged to convey their research findings in an interesting and yet descriptive way about their research with the help of one static slide, in swiftly one minute! Many undergraduate and postgraduate students alike have attended the event to support their peers as well as to get a glimpse and experience the actual event. Both competition included voting sessions from students and academics. Everyone who participated the PGR Showcase have enjoyed the event throughout. The PGR showcase showed that both Science and Engineering students’ excellent cooperation and leadership skills, facing the tensed up 1-min presentation situation together besides cheering and supporting each other throughout the competition.

The highlight of the day comes when the poster competition winners were all from Division of Biomedical Sciences continuing the pride of last year’s achievement. The winners for the Poster Competition were as follows:

1st Prize: Ms Mak Yin Ying (2nd year PhD student)

2nd Prize: Ms Nguyen Duong Ngoc Diem (3rd year PhD student)

3rd Prize: Ms Sharoen Lim Yu Ming (1st year MPhil student)


Other than that, the winner for 1-Minute Rapid Fire competition were as follows:

1st Prize: Mr Mitchel Lim Shyan Wei (Division of Chemical & Environmental Engineering)

2nd Prize: Ms Sharoen Lim Yu Ming (Division of Biomedical Science)

3rd Prize: Ms Wong Xin Yi (Division of Chemical & Environmental Engineering)

Group photos of the winners and their respective supervisors. Everyone was very happy! From left to right: Professor Ting Kang Nee, Ms Mak Yin Ying, Dr Pan Yan, Ms Sharoen Lim Yu Ming, Ms Rachel Nguyen Duong Ngoc Diem & Dr Pung Yuh Fen.

A group photo of BMS winners: (left to right) Mak Yin Ying, Sharoen Lim Yu Ming, Rachel Nguyen Duong Ngoc Diem

Photos of PG students with their supervisors: (left to right) Prof Ting Kang Nee & Mak Yin Ying, Rachel Nguyen Duong Ngoc Diem & Dr Pung Yuh Fen, Dr Pan Yan & Sharoen Lim Yu Ming

Personally, I was very grateful to be given this opportunity to participate in the FOSE PGR Showcase. I would therefore like to extend my gargantuan thanks to my supervisors, Dr Pan Yan and Dr Mustafa Al-Shagga because without their guidance, this will never be possible. Besides, I would like to thank our Head of School, Prof Ting Kang Nee for her continuous support. Furthermore, I would like to thank FOSE for organizing and giving me this golden opportunity to share my research findings to everyone from all walks of life and further funding us to both local and overseas conferences which is a stepping stone to share our research to the world. Also, I would like to thank the judges, academics and peers who voted. I look forward to join the next PGR Showcase and will make the best out of it.


Article by: Sharoen Lim (BMS 1st year MPhil student)


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