July 14, 2016, by Tapan Nath

Training for Trainers

School of Biosciences will be organising a Training Workshop-cum-Field Trips for professionals working with several NGOs in Bangladesh. The theme of this event is “Climate Change and Food Security” and be held from 24-31 July 2016. Details are here:


  1. To familiarise participants about UNMC’s academic endeavours related to climate change, adaptation, crops growing under environmentally stress conditions and forest monitoring through remote sensing,
  2. To observe field activities in Malaysia relevant to climate change adaptation and peoples’ livelihood enhancement, and
  3. To find ways for future research collaboration between UNMC and Arannayk Foundation

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Participants understand various concepts and principles related to climate change, mitigation measures, environmental stress physiology, food security and remote sensing.
  2. Participants gather hands-on knowledge on forest monitoring through remote sensing.
  3. Participants acquire practical knowledge about climate change adaptation and livelihood improvement of vulnerable people through field visits.

More information: Tapan.Nath@Nottingham.edu.my

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