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Rebuilding Nepal

Editorial notes:

Dr Ting initiated the Climb for Life 2 by climbing the Himalayan peak in aid of preschoolers on 13 – 23 April, 2015 to raise RM35,000. The Climb for Life 2 team survived the earthquake and is home safely.

Blog post by Dr Ting Kang Nee.

I am writing to update on my previous email about helping the Nepalese who have been gravely affected by the earthquake.

Together with some of my climbing team we are collecting donations to directly support the relief work for the villagers in the mountain region in particular focusing on Gorkha region where the epicentre was. Aids from government and international organisation has yet to reach these remote villages.

This is the quote from one of my Nepalese contact whose family lives in this part of the country.

Chet Bhatta, Managing Director of Advanced Adventure said “Village People’s have no words; they just stare at their collapsed houses and deeply sadden. Some of them have tents but a lot of villagers still have no tent for shelter and dying for food. To assist the peoples; we have started campaign for the support of villagers from our local Non Profitable Organisation – Pioneer Foundation Nepal and request all of our friends to start helping to ease people’s life living and reinstate villages. The Pioneer Foundation Nepal will focus on Gorkha & Dhading villages which is one of the most affected areas ( Epic center of this Tremor was this region ). So their approach is for villages….They are also working on reinstate houses in Solukhumbu and in Manaslu areas.”

Pioneer Foundation Nepal website and facebook

Contact Dr Ting Kan Nee if you are moved to donate (whatever amount) you can or pass your cash contribution to Carol D’cruz. We will keep a list of donors and the Foundation will issue receipt for your donation. We will receive your donation until next Thurs (14 May 2015). I plan to transfer the money to PFN the following day.

There will be a bake/food sale on 13 May, 11am – 4pm a the Block B Foyer. We invite anyone to donate cakes, breads, food and any items which can be sold. All monies collected from the sale will go towards the people of Nepal. Contact Carol D’cruz for further information.

I survived the earthquake for a reason. This is a miracle as none of us were scratched but the destruction of the villages that we trekked a few days before the disaster was just devastating.

Every little helps. Thank you from the Nepalese.

Best wishes,
Dr. Ting Kang Nee

Below are photos of the damages caused by the 25th April earthquake at Gorkha. These villages are at the epicentre of the quake. Many houses and schools are totally destroyed. Villagers are staying in tents. Nights are still cold in Nepal now especially in the mountain range and the raining season will come June – August period. No international or government aids has reached these communities yet.




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