July 26, 2019, by Noor Syuhada

2 UNM Students Heading to MGAC Global Finals Representing Malaysia

Congratulations to Eugene Hoo and Jesper Huang for winning the Maybank Go Ahead. Challenge (MGAC) 2019 National Finals and advancing to Global Finals, representing University of Nottingham Malaysia and our beloved country, Malaysia, together with the other global finalists!

“The journey to MGAC Global Finals was a very tough one, one which I had to persevere through. The challenge was designed to test the endurance and the drive of the candidates, with many students losing the will to compete midway. This competition truly taught me the sentiment of ‘not giving up’,” said Eugene.

Commenting on the competition, Eugene said that the cases given were unconventional and overly complicated, but they were well designed to assess the soft skills and business knowledge of the competitors.

“I really appreciated the experience, as it taught me many skills required in the real world, and because of all the amazing people that I met along the way. The fact that I made it to Global Finals still feels surreal, and I couldn’t have done it without the support from my mentors and friends!”

Jesper, who was crowned as the Champion in Nottingham Campus level expressed his gratitude to Maybank and the Organizing Committee for making MGAC 2019 a challenging yet rewarding experience. He also shared that MGAC is definitely not the usual case study competition as they continue to differentiate themselves by creating an active, engaging and multifaceted case study to stretch them beyond their comfort zone.

“I would like to show my appreciation to the incredibly talented National Finalists for continuously enlightening each other on new perspectives and guide us through their unique thought process. It was a pleasure to be able to work with such a diverse and inspirational group of people.”

“Finally, I am excited by the gracious opportunity to advance to the Global Finals to represent Malaysia and the University of Nottingham Malaysia to uncover the challenges and mysteries that lie ahead in this uplifting experience,” he added.

To our other National finalists, Low Tze Wei, Peh Dion, Yap Yi Sheng, and Loh Xuejing; we are so proud with all of you! All have proven yourself to be a skilled individual who has the capacity to do great things with your life. May you continue to make us proud as you face new challenges in the future!

Congratulations again to Eugene and Jesper, and we look forward to see you in the Global finals. Show them what you got; it is time for you to shine!

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