November 8, 2019, by Noor Syuhada

Field Trip to AirAsia

On the 25th of Oct, Careers Advisory Service (CAS) made a collaboration with the Computer Science Society (CSS) for a field trip to AirAsia to introduce career opportunities for computer science students.

Jordan, a recruiter who is responsible for procuring talents in the computer science field for AirAsia, said that impact is what AirAsia strives for.

“When getting into AirAsia, be it as an intern or full-time, make sure to expect that you’ll be doing only impactful work. This is because in the end, if you do well in your internship, you may be rewarded with a full-time job.” Jordan said.

Students were given the opportunity to gain knowledge regarding computer science outside of the classroom and to raise questions regarding their future prospects such as in data science and software programming.

The students were given a grand tour of the entire facility from the face recognition gates, Star-Trek themed conference rooms and to the famous slide from the 3rd floor to the bottom.

Overall, the trip was eye-opening to the students in terms of how a big corporate functions and how they can continue their prospects in AirAsia.

By: Daniel Lim, Career Ambassador of CAS – VP of Digital Marketing


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