December 14, 2020, by Noor Syuhada

6th Resume Competition: Congratulations to All Winners!

Our annual competition has made a comeback! Entering the 6th year, Careers Advisory Service (CAS) had organised the Resume Competition 2020 with new judging process as to embrace the new norm, which was online! The competition which was divided into 3 categories: Foundation, Year 1 & 2; Year 3 & 4 as well as postgraduates; was held from 14th October to 8th November, spanning for almost 4 weeks.

The virtual award ceremony of the Resume Competition was carried out on the 2nd of November 2020 where the winners had been chosen by the talent acquisition and HR experts from various distinguished companies.

  • Geraldine Ashley David from Mondelez Malaysia

  • Alex Goon from Intel Malaysia

  • Marianne Lim from Experian

  • Usha Subramaniam from Experian

List of Winners & Judges’ Sharing

Some key takeaways from the judges’ sharing:

  • Targeting good and relevant keywords. Read through the job requirements or job descriptions and find the keywords that reflect what the recruiters seek in a candidate. Include those keywords in your resume if it is relevant to your education, experience or skills. However, avoid the repetition of the keywords in a resume.

  • Highlight achievements. Since resume is like your marketing tool to secure an interview, you have to show how competent and skillful you are. This can be portrayed through your achievements! Highlight your achievements in the first page, nonetheless make sure that it is relevant to the position that you want to apply. If it is irrelevant and you feel unsure whether you should include it; then think of what kind of person that you want to portray to the employer. Does that award help you to bring a good first impression or become a bonus point to show you the best candidate for that PARTICULAR POSITION?

  • Proofread. Spelling errors and grammatical mistakes can be major turn-off for recruiters. Make sure that you proofread before submitting your resume to them. You can ask your friends or tutor to check it for you too.

  • Think like an employer. Instead of putting every information in a resume, think carefully and put only the relevant ones in your resume. Study the requirements and think what would an employer want to see in the best candidate for the position that they advertise.

  • PhD students. If a PhD student looking for an industry job, include of what you have gained throughout your PhD journey, like elaborating about your thesis since it is your main product. Using your thesis, highlight the skills and knowledge that you have gained where the recruiters can see your skills set that differentiate you from the undergraduates. However, please note that an industry resume is only 2 pages so optimize the page wisely!


Last but not least, heartiest congratulations to all winners. Thank you to everyone who supported us throughout the competition and stay tuned to our upcoming events next year!

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