June 17, 2021, by Noor Syuhada

Work Readiness Boot Camp: Are You Ready for the World of Work?

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has brought many changes to the world, including the world of work. The current unprecedented situation has made many of the students wondering how to improve their marketability and exploring opportunities in this new norm—which leads to a strategic initiative; Work Readiness Boot Camp.

Work Readiness Boot Camp is a proactive approach by Careers Advisory Service (CAS) to support the UNM graduating students and recent graduates in transition from a graduate to workplace professional amid challenges faced by the pandemic. Over the course of two months from June to July, there will be a number of employer presentations, guidance sessions and professional development activities.

Some of the careers events under the boot camp:

  • Elevate Your Potential series
  • Tuesday Quick Career Chat
  • Stress Management 101 at Workplace
  • Achieving Career Success as Young Graduate
  • Gig career overview and training programme
  • Global job search platform, Passport Career series and more!

At the end of these events— they are expected to walk away with industry insight, up-to-date with alternative career potential, learn about how a job works, build more confidence in navigating an employment, a better understanding of job expectations, as well as valuable tips to success in their early career.

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