October 15, 2021, by Noor Syuhada

Futureproof Your Resume with HAYS

Crafting a striking resume is not a fun or simple task, and to remain a strong candidate in the ever-changing job market, you must be able to write a resume that will increase your chances of being considered for the job.

Under the Get Ready Get Hired (GRGH) event series, Careers Advisory Service (CAS) conducted an employability talk titled “Futureproof Your Resume” with HAYS Malaysia. Special thanks to our invited speaker who is also a Psychology alumnus of UNM; Ms. Ong Yoke Pei, currently working as a Senior Manager at HAYS.

During the insightful session, she shared useful tips that will help the students to craft a compelling resume. Her key points in building a resume are:

  • Resume doesn’t get you a job but it gets you an interview so that you can get the job.
  • Keep it simple, smart and accurate.

In addition, Yoke Pei shared her input on the Malaysia’s talent trend which involves digitalization and reindustrialization. Other than that, she highlighted that one of the most important things you can do to future-proof yourself for your professional future is to learn new skills, starting today. If you aren’t familiar with the terms “upskill” and “reskill” yet, you soon will be. It is best to grab any opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities, competitions, careers events, etc. to gain experience and stand out among the crowd of talents. The job candidates need to evolve with the times, remain abreast of current skillsets, and update their resume to adhere to the latest trends.

“Another tip! LinkedIn has become one of the popular channels to network with the recruiters and widen your search on careers opportunities. If you don’t have one, it’s time to create one!” Yoke Pei suggested.

Thank you to all students who participated in this career event. We hope you gain beneficial input to prepare for your future world of work. See you in our upcoming event!

Note: If you missed out attending our virtual careers event, you can watch it on our Microsoft Stream.

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