February 24, 2021, by kebzfsh

Congratulations, new FOSE graduates!

It has been a tough year, no doubt; not what a lot of students expect as their final year at university. The move towards a virtual environment, the isolation and lack of social interaction, new ways of assessment, and many more factors of distress caused by the pandemic, and yet, our graduates made it. Not only have they met the requirements, but they have also produced exceptional results through these challenging times. Today is the day we celebrate their achievements and reward them for their efforts that have surely paid off.

At our Faculty of Science and Engineering, majority of the schools’ final year students engage in group projects which, during the pandemic, was an extra hill to climb. The university provided the students with all the tools to facilitate their academic activities, but it is certainly the perseverance, creative thinking, and outstanding leadership skills that pushed the successful groups to be awarded in today’s virtual ceremony.

Not only group projects were a challenge, but also research projects. During the pandemic, it was mandatory to close down the labs and facilities of the university but this did not stop our students from fulfilling their research requirements and indeed the rewarded students have pushed themselves even further to produce scientifically significant outcomes.

These few words cannot explain how proud the university is today of its graduates. Today, they move forward with their careers and take their acquired knowledge and skills on a journey to achieve their dreams and make a bigger impact in society. Join us in congratulating the award recipients!

Written by, Shams Khaled Elhosseny Ghazy Essawy
Head of FOSE Digital Marketing Club
Science and Engineering Editorial Desk (SEED)

Click to watch the virtual award ceremony:

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