August 10, 2020, by Lee Mei Kee

UNM BMS Alumni Testimonial: Matteo Putra (2019)

Hi! My name is Matteo Putra. I graduated from the course in 2019 and this is my testimonial about my experience as a Biomedical Sciences student at the University of Nottingham Malaysia.

To start with, throughout my high school years, I was naively fascinated by human diseases. I wondered how can a simple mosquito bite or someone’s diet choice can affect their health significantly. How can I help the global battle against diseases such as cancer and diabetes? How should I debunk false information on human health that are everywhere?

These questions were slowly answered throughout my 3 years as a student. I vividly recall being fascinated by the 3rd year modules, Biochemistry of Diseases and Cancer Biology. These modules supplied me with necessary information and motivation to explore more about human diseases, especially chronic ones. The laboratory-based modules gave me the opportunity to learn necessary hands-on skills such as gel electrophoresis, bacterial culturing, and aseptic techniques (which by the way, helps me a lot during the pandemic). I’ve always struggled with lab work, but the course gave me enough support and time to improve. I remember how Dr. Mustafa taught us how to differentiate good research from ‘bad’ research, which helped me filter out inaccurate information on the internet. Finally, the final year project was the most impactful experience I’ve had during my education journey. It made me realise that I genuinely enjoy academic research. The opportunity to troubleshoot, solve problems, communicate my ideas to passionate peers, and discover something novel really thrilled me.

The drive to pursue academic research made me apply for a Masters of Research in Biomedical Sciences degree at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. The various modules that I took during my bachelor’s gave me some ideas on what research projects that I should tackle. Furthermore, I undertook a short Research & Development internship at a diagnostic laboratory in Jakarta, Indonesia. I learned that the skills that I obtained as a student are actually applicable in the working world. The ability to discuss and convey ideas played a huge role during the internship, and this skill was mostly sharpened during discussion sessions with fellow students and/or lecturers.

To close this short testimonial, I would like to say that biomedical scientists are very much vital to the world right now and in the future. The current COVID-19 pandemic is a harsh reminder that research on diseases is always needed and should be prioritized. It is also our duty to help debunk false/untrustworthy information on human health and assist our fellow healthcare workers to educate the public. By joining this course, you are going to play a huge role in bettering the global health (and maybe help eradicate diseases!). It won’t be an easy journey, but it will be worth it. Stay safe and healthy!

Article written by: Matteo Putra (BSc Biomedical Sciences Graduate of Year 2019)
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