August 18, 2020, by Lee Mei Kee

UNM BMS Alumni Testimonial: Chan Chia Yung (2016)

Till today I keep learning how true the phrase is “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”. I graduated with a BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences in 2016. Today in 2020, I have pivoted far from that field of study, having worked in the technology, banking, and telecommunications industry, and also delving into the e-commerce industry.

Firstly, I must say that my time in UNMC was a really great one. We saw the campus expand and transform in terms of their facilities and communities, all sorts were popping up around campus. The lecturers and facilities were definitely of top quality – making the research process less painful compared to say, another campus that did not have such advanced equipment. The environment was perfect for studying, calm and peaceful.

However, the key changer to my university life was when I took an active decision to explore more about what other students are doing in their free time besides going to classes, and that was when I joined more clubs and societies. While I was enrolled in the course, I surely learned a lot about technical biomedical science knowledge that I recall till today. Nottingham is not a place just for that. Broadening my horizons, it’s also about the environment they provide, that spawns plenty of opportunities for you to grab only if you are brave enough. The careers office especially, is top notch at this – aside from connections and events that you make from clubs and societies. That was how I made my first venture outside Biomedical Science, securing an internship at Microsoft, and my career path has changed ever since.

I just want to say to all students out there, the course you choose in university does not decide your future career, but it’s what you do during your time there. Take time to explore, discover your strengths and weaknesses, learn about yourself, and soon, you’ll find a skill that you can excel in and hopefully a great place for you to use them.

Chia Yung and his classmates at the Amphitheatre sharing their excitement over the completion and submission of their Year 3 dissertation.

Article written by: Chan Chia Yung (BSc Biomedical Sciences Graduate of Year 2016). He is currently working as a Metrics Analyst at Axiata.

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