August 25, 2020, by Lee Mei Kee

UNM BMS Alumni Testimonial: Siti Sarah Syahirah Azizan (2018)

Hello! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Siti Sarah Syahirah Azizan and I graduated with BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences in 2018.

The 3-year program has accommodated a strong and solid foundation in expanding my knowledge and skills for my career journey through the quality education, welcoming environment and support that University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM) provides. Everything comes with challenges. The support that I have received throughout my university life from lecturers and friends is something that I am truly grateful for. Being a part of the vast array of club or society is also something that you could look forward to, apart from studying here – forming friendships, bringing people together, discovering your interest, and spending more time with that club or society. It makes everything seem more bearable.

I am currently employed by Pfizer Malaysia and working for Hospital category portfolio under BioPharma Group. Differ from the laboratory environment, I decided to try and take a big step to expose myself to and explore the pharmaceutical marketing. To list a few, my responsibilities include, but are not limited to, managing several products, supporting other marketers in my team, analysing report and data as well as refining promotional materials. Quality knowledge and critical thinking skills that I have developed throughout my degree have been crucially important for me to cascade the right information to others. It is essential for the specialist to leverage on the precise and relevant deliverables to pitch to healthcare professionals, and eventually to achieve the purpose – breakthroughs that change patients’ lives.

I recently came across one of Jay Shetty’s videos and was touched by his words – “The important thing is to take a step back and realize who you are and the path that you’re on.  Define what success means to you; physically, financially, mentally, emotionally, spiritually”. This has given me an insightful understanding that ultimately, YOUR purpose and why you started in the first place will be relevant and bring you the little joy in life. With God’s Grace, I believe I am at the right place at the right time of my current career stage, though I am still figuring out my passion. I would cherish every moment and experience I had in the UNM. Grateful is an understatement.

To end my entry, I would like to thank all the faculty members of Biomedical Sciences, the UNM, my peers, friends, family and God. They helped hold and shape me into the person I am today. My gratitude knows no bounds. May all of us have a successful future ahead with our own definition of success. Thank you!


Article written by: Siti Sarah Syahirah Azizan (BSc Biomedical Sciences Graduate of Year 2018). She is currently working as a Marketing Associate – Hospital Category.

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