August 25, 2020, by Lee Mei Kee

UNM BMS Alumni Testimonial: Hollysia Alda Agustie (2020)

Studying Biomedical Sciences in University of Nottingham Malaysia has been a challenging yet exciting journey. Back in 2016 I decided to enrol in the Biomedical Sciences program in UNM and I never once regret it. Looking back at the days where I just became a first year student, I remember being overwhelmed as everything was very much new to me. From moving to a whole new country and learning various module from scratch. However, the time I spent at UNM was something that I would never trade for and would gladly do all over again.

I was able to learn various subject such as human physiology, pharmacology, genetics, neurology, and from Biomedical Sciences I was able to actually discover my immense interest in microbiology which propels me to pursue a postgraduate degree. Although assignment and study sometimes might be overwhelming, it was very rewarding in the end and helps you to hone various soft skills such as time-management, practical skills, communication skill, problem solving as well as team work which in my opinion are essential for your future career. I was also able to challenge myself and managed to get out of my comfort zone which I strongly felt during my final year project. I have a rather poor foundation when it comes to genetics however, I decided to pick a project in that area. The countless trial and failure was rather stressful but nonetheless, in the end the outcome was simply rewarding and worthy as I was able to overcome my weak point.

Aside from course related stuff, I felt that I have spent my best years studying in UNM as I was able to meet people from different background and make amazing friends while pursuing my degree. Upon my graduation, the reflection I can make is that I can sum up this degree in 3 words which are meaningful, enriching and fulfilling.


Article written by: Hollysia Alda Agustie (BSc Biomedical Sciences Graduate of Year 2020). She is currently a Master student in Food Science at Curtin University, Australia

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