May 13, 2024, by Mei Kee Lee

Experience Sharing: Summer Internship at AstraZeneca

By Janice Lo Jia Le, who is currently a Year 3 Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences (PHS) student based at UNM.


Where did you do your summer internship? How long was it?

I completed a 3-month internship in the Medical Affairs department at AstraZeneca, specifically focusing on the Respiratory division. My role involved closely shadowing Medical Scientific Liaisons (MSLs), Clinical Scientific Liaisons (CSLs), and Medical Affairs Managers (MAs).


What did it involve?

– Designing marketing materials such as flyers and posters for symposia and conferences.
– Managing administrative tasks, including sending requests and seeking approvals for meetings and conferences through the company’s system.
– Crafting and dispatching invitation emails to HCPs
– Participating in fieldwork by attending conferences and symposia to represent the company.
– Journal Club presentations, for which I studied the clinical trial publications and present the important data to the team.
– Assisting in the organization and preparation of the AZ Spotlight: ERS 2023 Hybrid Congress take place in Milan, Italy, i.e. investigate the potential of Fasenra and Tezspire (biologics) to achieve remission in asthma, highlighting progress in transforming care for asthma, COPD, and other respiratory diseases.


What did you find interesting throughout this experience?

– Immersing in a real work environment and understanding its dynamics.
– Forming new friendships and expanding professional networks.
– Gaining new knowledge, especially in the pharmaceutical field and event organization.
– Obtaining a clearer insight into the workings and culture of multinational corporations (MNCs).


How did the summer internship support your learning and future career development?

– Clarified my career aspirations and solidified my interest in the pharmaceutical industry.
– Developed skills in analysing and interpreting clinical trial papers which I think is a critical aspect of pharmaceutical research.
– Became more proactive in learning new things and engaging with colleagues and professionals in the field.


What is one take home message you obtain from this experience?

– Success requires self-initiative and the creation of one’s own opportunities. The concept of work-life balance is evolving; adaptability to work-life integration is crucial in the industry.


What is your advice to current or prospective students on signing up for summer internships?

– Actively seek out internships that align with your interests and career goals. These experiences are invaluable for personal and professional growth.
– Approach your internship with a mindset geared towards absorbing as much knowledge and as many skills as possible.
– Utilise this time to build connections with professionals in your field. These relationships can be crucial for future opportunities.
– Take initiative, ask questions and volunteer for tasks. Showing eagerness and commitment can leave a lasting impression.


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