August 3, 2023, by Lisa Chin

Embarking on your postgraduate research journey

We are your Graduate School

Embarking on a research degree is an exciting yet challenging endeavour. At the Graduate School, we understand the mix of anticipation and uncertainty that accompanies this new chapter in your academic journey. That is why we have designed a comprehensive induction event exclusively for our new postgraduate research students.

A warm welcome to our vibrant community

We are delighted to welcome our new postgraduate research students at our third induction this year, held on Friday 7 July 2023.

Led by Ms Vimaleswari Danapal, Manager at the Graduate School, and our dedicated staff, the induction provided a warm welcome to our vibrant community of postgraduate researchers. During the induction, we shared vital details you need to know, from academic guidelines to essential training programmes and resources, ensuring you have a strong foundation for your research endeavours.

A glimpse of the postgraduate community 

Beyond the informative presentations, we had the privilege of introducing the Postgraduate Students’ Network (PGSN) through an introductory presentation by Nur Aina Maisarah binti Muhd Shahrulmiza, General Secretary of PGSN. PGSN serves as the voice of postgraduate students at UNM and is dedicated to enhancing your university experience.

As part of our close-knit community, PGSN plays a crucial role in fostering connections, providing support, and advocating for your needs. It is a platform for collaboration, where you can engage with fellow postgraduates, share experiences, and grow both academically and personally.

Are you curious to meet the PGSN Team? Discover the dynamic individuals who are committed to creating an enriching environment for all postgraduate students.

Find out more about the PGSN Team 2022/23.

Our commitment

At the Graduate School, we are committed to providing a nurturing environment for all our postgraduate research students. Our recent induction served as a vital platform for direct and meaningful communication, fostering engagement between newcomers, the Postgraduate Students’ Network (PGSN), and our team.

Our mission is to cultivate a supportive culture that empowers our postgraduate research community to advance and thrive in their research endeavours. We are dedicated to offering unwavering support throughout your postgraduate research journey, ensuring that you have a rewarding and enriching experience.

Missed the session? No worries! Our next induction is scheduled for Friday 27 October 2023. Keep an eye out for the invitation email and join us for another enlightening session.

Have any queries or need more information? Feel free to reach out to us at Stay connected and engaged with us on Facebook and the Graduate School Blog to stay updated with the latest news and events.

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