August 7, 2013, by khyx2lyn

A Year 1 Student Experience

‘Psychology is interesting’ is what I consolidated from my experience as a first year undergraduate student in UNMC. To say that studying mind and behavior which entails understanding about thinking, memory, emotions, personality, and many more (love, sleep, and sex) is otherwise would be barking mad.

Unlike many people who would not admit in the blog, I woke up feeling strong attachment to the bed almost every morning during the semesters. Also, an unfinished assignment that came in to my mind soon after I started walking towards the classroom was quite a slap to the face. Having said this, just sitting in the classroom waiting for the lecture to start made me think about what I would be learning on the day and postulate ideas about it. In other words, I was genuinely interested and excited about what I was about to do like the way how I was excited about playing games or basketball when I was younger.

Also, socializing with the lecturers and the students was very fun and valuable. The lecturers were friendly, approachable, and quite humorous in their own ways. They have helped me if I did not know or understand something and guided me by giving advices and critical feedbacks for the work that I have done. The students including postgraduate students, undergraduate year 2, 3 and especially year 1 students have helped each other, and laughed together along the way. For example, one of my friends helped me by participating in my experiment and I did the same for his experiment. After we have done so, it was quite childish but fun to argue who was more ‘awesome’ at participating in the experiment.

The experience allowed me to learn many vital things such as how to gain knowledge via science and that there are quite a few good looking females who study psychology. Also, it has intrigued my interest in what I would like to study in the future which is neuropsychology. For these reasons, I am psyched up about what second year will offer me.


Simon Kwon
(Year 1 student in BSc (Hons.) Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience)

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