December 26, 2013, by khyx2lyn

Psychology Postgraduate Students Awarded with Universitas 21 Prize Scholarship

We are delighted to announce that two postgraduates from the School of Psychology in UNMC have won the Universitas 21 (U21) Prize Scholarship to spend a month at a U21 partner institution. The purpose of this scholarship is to fund activities that will help enhance students’ research and career developmental opportunities.

Universitas 21 is the leading global network of research-intensive universities, working together to foster global citizenship and institutional innovation through research-inspired teaching and learning, student mobility, connecting our students and staff, and wider advocacy for internationalisation.

Here are some details of the students who were awarded:

Wei Lin Poh’s current PhD focuses on the interaction between language and reflective attention among bilinguals or multi-linguals. She will be working with Dr Andrew Olson in the language processing research lab at University of Birmingham, UK. The research project aims to investigate how languages are represented in people with dyslexia.

Phui Cheng Lim is researching hazard perception and the ability to recognise and react to hazards while driving. She will be heading to Sydney, Australia to work with Dr Steven Most in the Motivated Perception and Attention lab at the University of New South Wales. They will be researching the effects of emotion on attentional processing while driving.


Congratulations to both of our students and we wish them all the best!

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