December 31, 2019, by Fatheen Nabila Ghazali

LSGPDF 2019: A Journey Towards Diversity and Growth

My trip to the UK campus, from 13 to 20 November 2019, visiting the Faculty of Engineering, School of Computer Science, Psychology and Biosciences was truly an eye opening experience. I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the UK colleagues for their warm hospitality and discussion sessions with me. Their enthusiasm and selfless sharing was reflected in the passion they have for their work and their spirit for improvement and cooperation between campuses made this trip even more meaningful and inspiring.

Special thanks to Lady Greenaway and the University for granting me a chance to visit the UK campus. I feel blessed for the opportunity to experience a different working culture and environment. Even though the visit was not long, it was very meaningful personally because I had the opportunity to meet face-to-face many colleagues whom I had only communicated with via email, resulting in a closer bond and better understanding.

I learned that in the UK campus, the working environments typically involve less micromanagement. Precise SOPs in place, together with simplified processes and transparency, help the managers and supervisors to have more leeway for their staff to work more proactively and independently. Since returning from the UK, I am assisting our faculty in updating our FOSE staff handbook with relevant SOPs that can ease reference. Furthermore, the UK is using online platform for most of their work requests. Hence, it is more efficient and environmentally friendly. Therefore, we will aim to be fully online for all requests within our faculty as part of our continuous improvement initiatives in 2020.


Agnes Chin Koon Lian

Faculty of Science and Engineering (FOSE)

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