April 27, 2020, by Noor Syuhada

Be Proactive: I Landed A Job Before Graduating!

By, Mohamad Nur Naquib Abd Halin (Master of Engineering (MEng) Mechanical Engineering). 

Having burning passion in mechanical engineering since high school, I devoted six years in studying engineering. My journey is a bit longer than other people because I did Diploma in UiTM before I pursued my degree in UNM.

After graduated, I joined Aker Solution as a Graduate Engineer. This is a 2-year structured programme that provides young engineer to become competent in Subsea Production System (SPS) design and manufacturing as Aker Solution is an energy services company, providing technical and product manufacturing for upstream in oil and gas industry.

I have always wanted to become a specialist in mechanical engineering specifically in oil and gas industry, which it led to the reason I chose this path. My current job is very relevant to my major study and I really enjoy every single moment of it. To be honest, internship experience with local energy company is the most significant contribution to being in this type of work.

How I secure my dream job?

I found this opportunity through company’s website where later the company came to the University for an on-campus interview. As for this position, I did both online and on-campus interview processes. After submitted online application, I was called by the company for a phone interview before coming for an on-campus interview. Two weeks forward, I got an invitation for the final assessment during the exam period. Lucky me, I managed to secure an offer from the company before I was even graduating!

I did my career research since my final year semester started where I tried to divide my time between study and career searching. In addition, I joined every career talk organized by Careers Advisory Service (CAS) and mechanical department as much as I can to get an exposure and build my connection. I also took the opportunity to get consultation from CAS to improve my CV writing and interview tips. For job application, I browsed all related companies that I aimed to join and subscribe to online job apps such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed Job and Job Street.

Thank you, CAS!

Throughout my career development, I have joined a lot of CAS events such as career talks, workshops, career fair, pre-careers fair series, CV review, and NAA course under career development. I found it is very useful which I am so grateful that our university has a career team that is so committed to help students in developing our portfolio and preparing for getting our career. Well juniors, I think you should start be engaging with CAS as soon as possible!

From me to you..

Be brave to try and error! There is no absolute right or wrong in shaping your career.

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