September 26, 2023, by Noor Syuhada

Bridging the Talent Gap: Youth Employment Initiative for Students

What an experience it was for our students during the Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) Networking Event brought by the National Career Development Centre Association (NACDA Malaysia) X Kabel on September 21. Putting the young talents and industry leaders under one roof, the event was definitely a wonderful initiative to bridge the talent gap.

UNM Careers funded our promising talents for the networking event, providing them an opportunity to build meaningful connections with potential employers and gain valuable insights into the real world of work.

Additionally, it was indeed more than a networking session where the students also had the chance to gain valuable insights about the world of startups and SMEs. Surely, the experience and knowledge gained will ignite the inspiration of the bright talents and provide further affirmation on their future career journey.

Thank you to NACDA and Kabel for the brilliant opportunity, as well as to the industry leaders for sharing their wisdom. UNM talents, to more initiatives and support in the future! Seize the opportunity and stay tuned for updates from us.

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