July 2, 2014, by Deepa Kumari Veerasingam

Coffee-and-Cake Session: Sustainability Research Network (SRN)

A Coffee-and-Cake Session was held on Friday, 27 June 2014. The session included a talk on the newly established Sustainability Research Network (SRN) @ UNMC, by two of its founding members, Jennie Unnikrishnan from the School of Biosciences and Abba Lawan from the School of Computer Science. The talk, which marked the very first public dialogue and discussion of SRN in UNMC, aimed to reach out to like-minded postgraduate students and early-careers researchers working on, or with an interest in sustainability.


SRN @ UNMC has been developed by five students – Ee Phin Wong from the School of Geography, Jennie Uunikrishnan from the School of Biosciences, Muhammad Umair Illyas from Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Rajeev Kumar Taggar from the School of Biosciences and Abba Lawan from the School of Computer Science.


The talk began with an emphasis of the importance of sustainability in protecting our world for current and future generations. It was later followed by a discussion on current efforts and activities on sustainability in UNMC.

With the vision “SRN Malaysia sees sustainability as a way of life that starts from within and aspires to transform UNMC into a sustainable model campus that aspires others by example“, this dynamic network is determined to establish a sustainability baseline in UNMC, initiate and encourage sustainability ideas and projects.

A free online course “Sustainability, Society and You” was also introduced during the talk. The course is being offered by the University through FutureLearn – an online platform offering free course content from the UK’s top universities. It explores sustainability from multiple angles and perspectives, with a focus upon equiping people to make informed choices in their daily lives. It looks at energy, water, food and waste, but also our moral obligations towards future generations and the links between climate change and poverty.

The session, attended by around 20 postgraduate students and members of Research Training and Academic Development (RTAD), provided a unique opportunity to network and discuss key issues within sustainability research and projects.





















The network is the first of its kind at UNMC and is recruiting new members to come on board. By becoming a member and while working with SRN, you can get a chance to explore your own ideas and skills, network with other researchers from both internal and external institutions, and also contribute to your own University and society. SRN also welcomes any feasible project proposals and collaborations on sustainability.

If you would like to find out more about SRN and/or become a member of the network, please get in touch via Facebook platform.


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