March 1, 2019, by Lisa Chin

Research @ UNM & Research Supervisory Seminar Series: An Introduction

This post is written by Dr Tissa Chandesa, Research Training Development Manager.

2019 has started off on the right foot! As Graduate School continues to establish a strong foot hold in developing its Early Career Researchers’ (ECRs) programme, we ran two back-to-back workshops aimed at ECRs on January 23rd and 24th 2019 respectively.

The first workshop addressed the ongoing development of Research @ UNM. This workshop was conducted by Professor Deborah Hall and Ms Anita Padma. During the 2 hours session, they covered 3 topics:

  • WHY: introduced the research strategy at UNM
  • WHAT: illustrated the research lifespan
  • HOW: indicated where one can access resources, supporting materials and a new handbook.

The session was very interactive and participants were encouraged to share their views and provide feedback during the activities.

Based on the feedback received, participants found the session very beneficial. They were very pleased to learn about the research lifespan as well as the handbook. For more information about the handbook, please click here.

In 2019, Graduate School will be introducing the Supervisory Research Seminar Series that aims to support ECRs who are new to supervision. The second workshop that took place on 24th January 2019 acted as an introductory session for the Supervisory Research Seminar Series. The session was jointly facilitated by Professor Deborah Hall, Dr Sivakumar Manickam (Associate Dean for Research and Knowledge Exchange for FOSE), Dr Seow Hsin Vonn (Associate Dean for Research and Knowledge Exchange for FASS) and myself. During the 2 hour session, we addressed several challenges currently faced by PhD supervisors, facets of the Graduate School that currently works well and does not work well, as well as brainstorm on opportunities for any expansion of the role(s) of the Graduate School, UNM. Feedback received from this introductory session will act as input to an ongoing global review of the Graduate School’s roles and responsibilities, moving forward.

We look forward to seeing you at our next Teh Tarik session: Consultation with Academic Supervisors on 13th March 2019.

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