May 29, 2019, by Lisa Chin

Supervisory Research Seminar Series #2: The Role of the Internal Examiner

This post is written by Dr Tissa Chandesa, Research Training Development Manager.

In early 2019, Graduate School introduced its Supervisory Research Seminar Series, as part of our ongoing efforts to better support PhD supervisor (especially Early Career Researchers (ECRs) who are new to PhD supervision). This seminar series aim to support a culture of the discussion of research supervision purpose and practice across the Institution as well as inform PhD supervisors on a wide range of supervision topics. The talks cover topics that will present PhD supervisors with an opportunity to gain more advice and practice-sharing from experienced PhD supervisors.

On 29 April 2019, Graduate School conducted the second instalment of its Supervisory Research Seminar Series entitled The Role of the Internal Examiner. The session was facilitated by Dr Jee-Hou Ho, Associate Professor at Department of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering. This session was aimed at all active research supervisors, especially supervisors who are new or have yet to act as an internal examiner at University of Nottingham Malaysia.

All research degrees at University of Nottingham Malaysia are assessed by an internal examiner and an external examiner in the form of research thesis. For PhD candidates, Viva Voce examination is necessary as well. During the 2-hour session, Dr Jee-Hou addressed the following learning outcomes:

  1. Identified an internal examiner’s roles before, during and after a Viva Voce
  2. Recognised their continuous responsibilities to providing feedback and assessments, post Viva Voce
  3. Familiarised the audience with the relevant and required documentations involved
  4. Examined and discussed uncommon scenarios faced by internal examiners via case studies

The session was very interactive. Participants took this opportunity to share their views as well as voiced several ambiguities/inquiries that they had in regard to their roles as an internal examiner and the procedures involved. The feedback received from participants at the end of the session indicated it was very informative and beneficial.

The next instalment of the Supervisory Research Seminar Series will address Managing Research Students Progression. This session will take place on 13 June 2019.

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