July 6, 2023, by Lisa Chin

Join us at our Postgraduate Showcase Live!

Breaking barriers: Join for an exploration of transformative ideas and discoveries!

Thursday 20 July 2023, 1.45pm – 4.30pm, F1A02

Our postgraduate researchers are on a mission – to tell you what they do and why it matters to you and me. 

Using only poster, 39 of our postgraduate research students from across both faculties will present their research in a clear and compelling way that would leave you nodding with understanding and wanting to know more.

As they compete for the top prizes, they will weave narratives around their complex and technical research, placing a spotlight on the real-world implications and potential benefits of their work. By doing so, they aim to engage and captivate both the judges and the broader audience, showcasing the practical significance and societal impact of their research.

Regardless of your level of expertise or area of interest, we welcome all from across different disciplines and fields, inviting everyone to join us at this captivating showcase of our postgraduate research. No registration needed so just turn up and engage in conversations with our postgraduate researchers, exchange ideas, and discover the human stories behind their research!

What is it about?

Our Postgraduate Showcase is an annual poster competition for postgraduate research students to showcase their research to a wider audience. Using only poster, this competition challenges postgraduate research students to translate their complex and technical research into a wider picture with broader relevance.

This year, the competition is held as part of the Research and Knowledge Exchange Showcase. As the University launches its new Interdisciplinary Research Clusters, this is an exceptional and unique opportunity for our postgraduate research students to put a spotlight on their research to not only research leaders and senior members of the University, but also the wider audience and general public.

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