November 17, 2023, by Lisa Chin

Deepavali Delight: Fostering postgraduate camaraderie and community

In a dazzling celebration of Deepavali, we brought together our postgraduate students for a delightful luncheon on 17 November 2023. At the heart of our celebrations at the Graduate School lies the essence of renewing communal ties and bonds. It was truly heartening to share the joy of the Festival of Lights with our postgraduate community, fostering a sense of togetherness and unity.

In his welcome address, Professor Maniam Kaliannan, the Associate Dean of the Graduate School, shared the profound significance of Deepavali, highlighting the triumphant victory of light over darkness and good over evil.

Joining the dazzling affair was the newly elected Students’ Association (SA) Postgraduate Officer, Hana Soliman Alabiad, who radiated enthusiasm and dedication to representing her peers, aiming for the betterment of the postgraduate community at UNM.

Adding to the radiance of the occasion were the esteemed Professor Sarah Metcalfe, our Provost and CEO, and Professor Christopher Gibbins, the Interim Vice Provost for Research and Knowledge Exchange. In their inspiring addresses, both luminaries shared some very encouraging and hopeful messages with our postgraduate students in their roles as outgoing Provost and Vice Provost.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who joined us in this dazzling celebration. Through moments like these, we aim to supercharge the spirit of unity and solidarity among the members of our postgraduate community on campus. Stay tuned for another supercharged event next month! 🌟

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